February 18, 2012

Short Cut


When time is of the essence, simple snacking short cuts are a great way to save a few precious minutes and keep your growling belly at ease. 



One of my new short cut finds is a premade smoothie powder mix.  I love smoothies as a quick and nutritious snack, but don’t like to pull out 8 different ingredients to make one when I’m in a rush. 




This chocolate banana smoothie packet calls for only 3 items*:  milk, banana and ice and makes quite a bit – 3 servings (which Mike and I usually split).  The smoothie is pretty good by itself, but even better with a spoonful of peanut butter thrown in at the end and blended.  I love that version! 

I highly recommend this short cut packet mix and can’t wait to try other variations! Look for it today in the produce section of your local grocery store.  Happy blending!




*There is also a variation included on the back of the packet that includes yogurt as well.  This addition will most likely make a thicker smoothie which would be delish, too.

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