February 14, 2012

Last Minute

Looking for a last minute homemade Valentine idea and don't want to spend $4 on a card ($4 is much better spent on a Skinny Vanilla Latte in my opinion)?  

Try this fill in the blank Love Letter as an extra personal touch.  You can make it as sultry, sassy or sweet as you want!  Have fun with it! 

Dear _____________,

I woke up this _________________ and my
_________________ blushed at the thought of you.
You are not only _________________, but very

Every time I _________________ you my _________________
become ________________ and my _________________  
begins to _________________.

I can't wait until _________________. I have a
_________________ surprise for you.
It involves _________________, _________________, and
_________________ a lot.
I hope you will ________________ it.

I will be wearing my  ________________    ________________.
I know how much you love to _________________ me in it.

Hugs and Kisses
Your Favorite _________________,

Print this letter!

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