February 10, 2012

FF–Camo Deconstructed

Happy Fashionable Friday everybody!  This week’s post is a bit out of my realm of expertise, but was very fun to put together.  I am in no way a camouflage aficionado, and only own one item with camo print (a hat I bought for Monster Truck Jam a few years ago), but regardless of the pattern, the colors are fabulous!

I love khaki, olive green and gray and always think of military camouflage when I put on my Gap Chinos.  Without going “Mossy Oak” on you, take a minute to look at the cool color combos that can come from these deconstructed camouflage prints.

Moral of this story?  Fashion/outfit inspiration can come from ANYWHERE!  Have a great weekend!

imagesCAYWZ8EU IMG_3382

camo-oj-2 IMG_2335

imagesCA1865NV IMG_3498

imagesCA4SLQVH IMG_3807

blueandbrwncamo_BLOCKARTBGS-350x350 IMG_2233-1

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