February 24, 2012

FF–Day to Night


With life on the move more than ever, planning ahead is a must.  Because we live a bit out of the way from all of the “action”, there are many casual days that turn into party nights without ever making it home. 

Being prepared for any occasion, in any sort of weather, with just a few outfit additions or changes will have you ready to rock ‘n roll when any type of excitement calls.

Remember – think ahead and party on!


1.  Add a cardigan.

Daily Outfits10


2. Go from a skirt to jeans.

Daily Outfits9


3.  Add a scarf and fitted jacket.

Daily Outfits11


4.  Start with shorts and sandals, add a blazer and finish with jeans and boots.

Daily Outfits8


T G I F !

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