February 11, 2012

Barefoot Blue Jean Night


Very rarely are events ever close to our house.  Last night, though, we were in for a treat as the Old Florida Outdoor Festival kicked off Friday night with a concert by Jake Owen.  The concert venue was only 10 minutes away and we took full advantage of the close proximity!



I was so excited to arrive and find our spots.  We bought lawn seats which were only $10 per ticket and brought our own beach chairs.  It was packed and the sound system was kickin’. 

It was a bit breezy with rain on and off, but we were hoping the performers would finish before the heavy rains were scheduled to come – a cold front was on the way! 

The concert, made up of all Florida boys, opened with Hazzard County (Ocoee, FL) and Michael Ray (Eustis, FL) both of whom were very entertaining.  I loved the relaxed feel and country vibe.











Everything was going great until the downpour started.  We were definitely not prepared (we weren’t even supposed to bring umbrellas, but managed to sneak one in) and decided to head out before Jake Owen (Vero Beach, FL) even hit the stage.  I was freezing!

Although a bit bummed not to hear “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”, we were lucky enough to hear Jake Owen sing one song on our way back to our car since the speakers were so loud, and he sounded awesome!



All in all, even though we were soaked and shivering (well, I was), we had a really fun date night.  Hopefully this amphitheater will be host to many more concerts like this one.  It’s not only beautiful, but close to home!






Thankfully, the rain subsided overnight and left us with a gorgeous morning for running!  We did our 10 miler at the near by West Orange Trail and loved the weather – cool and breezy. 





Fueled by Sport Beans and rockin’ my new BIC band for my hair (so sparkly in real life), we had a great run…but are so glad to be finished until our Monday morning run (4am wake up call!).







Now off to my mom’s for some R & R!  Have a great weekend!

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