May 10, 2016

The Inheritance Project - Part 3

As Grandpa Rick would say, "It's a process."  Boy is he right.

We have been putting our blood, sweat and tears into this process and we know that every step we make is a step closer to the finish line.  Here is what we have been up to.

The counter tops are in and they look gorgeous!  Yay!  
However...upon closer inspection, after we signed off, of course, Mike realized that they aren't completely level.  They have a slant to them and when Mike placed a marble on the counter top it rolled off because the back is slightly inclined.  Looks like one too many shims.  Ugh.

To the naked eye you would never know, but I can't stand when things are off just a little.  Sooo, the installers have to come back to take a look, which in turn has put a hold on the rest of the kitchen work, including the subway tile back splash and range hood installation.  Bummer.

As far of the looks of the counter top we are really happy.  It's beautiful; I just can't wait until they are perfect!

We have also put the final coat of paint on in one of the bedrooms and it looks 100% fresher and cleaner.  We have a little bit of touch up in there, but it's pretty much finished.

We are painting the ceilings the same color as the walls which makes the room feel bigger and more cohesive.

In the first bedroom we painted we realized that the quarter round was causing us some trouble.  A lot of it was split and needed to be repaired anyway, and it was hard to get clean lines where the quarter round and floor met, so we decided to take it up and will install new when the baseboards are all painted.  

In prepping and painting the other bedrooms and hallway since, this proved to be a good move.  It's so much easier to just shove the paper/drop cloths underneath the baseboards rather than tape it down to the floor.  It has saved lots of time and money; Frog Tape is expensive!

We have also been working on the outside of the house little by little.  In the backyard there were a couple of sheds connected together.  They were pretty run down and didn't have much rhyme or reason.  It almost looked like a little city back there and we didn't love it.

We went back and forth with what to do.  Initially Mike was going to just put a new roof on the littlest one and we would paint them to match the house.  But upon further inspection, they needed a lot more work (the back of the sheds were rotten) so we just decided to demolish the smaller two and keep the actual workshop.

We still plan on painting the workshop to match the house, which will help the aesthetics immensely, and in a perfect world I would move the big shed (on the left) out of sight and into the back corner of the yard...but I don't know if that will happen.  

I also have some plans brewing in my head regarding what to put on the side of the workshop and how to spruce up the concrete pad.  If it comes to fruition it will be adorable.  The only question is do we want to spend more time out there or not.  We shall see.

We have lots of fun wood to use after demolition for my projects which makes me a happy camper!

Everything else has been priming, priming and more priming.  We took all of the interior doors off, sanded and primed them outside.  This was a huge time saver (even though it took forever) and was much easier without having the hardware on the sides of the doors.  The doors required about 3-4 coats of primer and are now eagerly awaiting their final coat of white semi-gloss.

The priming continued in the master bedroom.  This room was by far the dirtiest and dingiest (is that a word?) of all of the rooms in the house.  With just a heavy coat of primer it looks SO.MUCH.BETTER.  I can't wait to see it with the final coat of color.  

Priming continued in the hallway which was probably the biggest pain in the rear to prep.  There are so many cut outs and corners.  Yuck-o.  

The hallway had the most dark wood trim and took us the longest amount of time to finish, but boy does it look better.  I'm not kidding when I say it looks twice the size that it used to and so much brighter.  

The hard work is beginning to pay off and the house is starting to smile.

We still have a pretty lengthy to-do list that includes:
  • Final coats of paint in master, guest bedroom and hallway including all trim.
  • Prime and paint living room.
  • Prime and paint porch floor, walls (?).
  • Install subway stile back splash in kitchen.
  • Install range hood (after back splash is installed).
  • Install shelves in pantry and open bookshelf.
  • Install quarter round.
  • Clean and varnish hardwood floors.
  • Exterior painting - hopefully will be hired out.
  • Exterior cleaning, landscaping and backyard projects.
  • Final touch ups.
  • Light staging....the fun part!!!
Stay tuned to see the final product!

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