May 31, 2016

Menu Tuesday

Goooood morning!  I hope your long weekend was filled with fun, thankfulness and a whole lot of relaxing.  Read on to find out what we were up to!

Yesterday my mom, the kiddos and I found ourselves in the middle of a blackberry patch.  As my mom's self proclaimed "favorite berry of all time", she was in heaven...and she wasn't the only one.

A friend recently told me of the small blackberry farm near Clermont and mentioned that they were still in season and available to pick.  After Googling "Blackberry U-Pick in Montverde" I found the info for H&H Berry Farm.  The father/daughter duo were SO SWEET and the quaint operation was so enjoyable.  Most open days they get picked out very quickly, so check their Facebook page or call (800-716-4740) to be sure of picking hours and quantity status.

Everett had a ball picking the biggest, most delicious blackberries ever and Hilty seemed to reaaaalllllyyy enjoy her first taste of one.  In fact, she looked like she was part of a crime scene when she was finished eating them off of the bush.  She had everybody at the farm laughing.

As for the first part of our weekend, let me rewind.

Saturday we headed to "The Working House" to see the new exterior paint job that was newly finished.  We hired my cousin's new company, Exterior Improvements, to do the job and are so pleased!  Not only does it look amazing, fresh and like a different house, we didn't have to do it!  Being able to mark this monumental task off of or to-do list was a great feeling.

I chose a bright white for the main color and am LOVING the way the carport turned out.  This is such a fun detail that adds a little bit of interest to an otherwise simple house.

After all of the "ooohhs and ahhhs" it was back to work.  I grouted the backsplash and Mike helped the guys with the new screening that went up as well.

Grouted and wiped clean.  The tiles are so sparkly and so pretty!  I'm in love!

I also put together 4 pieces of IKEA furniture that now have taken their places in the kitchen and look awesome!

Sunday was church with Gransie and then brunch at the cutest little cafe in Palatka.  

The food was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect.

Sunday afternoon was spent painting the kitchen door black and doing a tiny bit of premature staging.  I just had to have a sneak peak and love to see the vision in my head come together in real life.  So fun!

The new crisp clean look makes me smile and I love the little bit of Americana pizazz.  I can't wait to add some landscaping and to make the final turn into making this house into a home.

As for this week, I am wrapping up my 13th year and am finsihed with the kiddos tomorrow and with everything else on Friday.  Can I get an AMEN!  E starts swim lessons this weekend and we have more work on the house on tap.  As always, we will be eating delicious food in the midst of our craziness.  

Here's what's on tap:

M: Veggie Flatbread Pizzas
T:  Pesto Stuffed Shells w/ Parmesan Zucchini Fries

W:  Crock Pot Creamy Chicken Stew
Th: Shepherd's Pie w/ Roasted Carrots 
F:  Black Bean Soup w/ Corn on the Cob
Sa:  Leftovers/Dinner Out
Su: Palatka

Have a happy week!

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