May 17, 2016

Menu Mon...Tuesday

Howdy and happy Monday...Tuesday!  I had an extra day off from work yesterday and we took full advantage of it and worked on the Inheritance Project.  We are getting closer my friends!

But before I give you a sneak peak on our progress, let me rewind a bit.


Friday morning I had the treat of seeing my little guy and his classmates lead Chapel at his school.  They have been practicing songs every single day and he loves to tell us about it at night.  I was a little nervous as to how he would do.

He bawled during his entire Christmas performance in December. I mean like hyperventilating.  He had the biggest case of stage fright and it was pretty sad to watch.  So this time I didn't tell him I was coming to watch and wanted to see what he would do.  

Well, let me just tell you - he was AWESOME!  He was front and center, knew every word and sang like it was going out of style.

These sweet kiddos performed about 8 songs and sang for 15 minutes straight in font of the whole school (nursery-8th grade) and parents.  They were all so brave and soooo proud of themselves.  My cheeks hurt from smiling.

About half way through Everett saw me, smiled and waved, and just kept doing his thing.  I was a pretty proud momma.  

After school we, of course, headed up to Palatka for the weekend to finally finish all of the interior painting.


On Saturday this little lady turned 8 months old!  She is full of spunk, crawling and pulling up anywhere and everywhere, loves to laugh at her brother and has 2 teeth.  She is such a fun edition to our family and I can't even remember life without her and that infectious smile.

Saturday also found us picking out paint colors for the living room, hallway, master and spare bedrooms.  Before this project I wasn't a very confident paint picker-outer.  After this project I think I will be.  I had to make a decision in about 3 minutes, although I did have some ideas before hand, and am so happy with the choices.  

We also got more ultra white semi-gloss for all of the doors, door frames and baseboards.  


On Sunday my mom had a church meeting, so she dropped the kiddos by "the working house", as Everett calls it, and we took a lunch/playground break.  Many days we don't even stop to eat lunch until around 1 or 2, so a lunch that was actually at lunch time away from the house was a nice treat.

Then it was back to painting!  I will have another update this week, but until then, here is a before and after sneak peak.  We can honestly say that we are finished with the interior painting and we only have a few more lose ends to tie up inside.  Outside, however is a different story.  

To save time and money on painter's tape, I did all of the baseboard/door frame trim free hand with an angled brush.  It made the trim work go soooo much faster!


Yesterday we put the final coat on the living room walls and trim and then pulled up all of the drop cloths.  It was such a good feeling to finally say we were finished with all of the interior rooms.  Praise the Lord!

I headed home with the kiddos yesterday afternoon while Mike stayed and is actually still at "the working house" today.  The counter top guys are headed back to take a look at the installation since it's not quite level.  Fingers crossed that those are fixed today so that we can start installing the subway tile back splash next weekend!

This week will hopefully be a fast one since it's already Tuesday!  Everett and I have fun plans to see Daniel Tiger Live this weekend with friends before we head up for more work on the house.  Daniel Tiger is one of his favorites, so he is beyond excited.  It's being held at the new Dr. Phillips Center; I haven't been yet and am so excited to see it.

Here is our menu plan - yummy food for hungry peeps.

M: Leftovers
T:  Tomato Pesto Pizza
W:  Grilled Chicken Veggie Kebabs and Ranch Potatoes
Th:  Pasta e Fagiole
F:  Brinner - Egg and Mushroom Quesadillas w/ Black Beans
Sa:  Daniel Tiger LIVE - Dinner with friends?
Su:  Palatka

Have a smiley week!

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