July 1, 2013

Menu Monday


Weekend Highlights:


  • Saturday - Pool party!

After driving to the entirely wrong house for our friends’ engagement party on Saturday, we finally made it to the celebration fashionably late.  Thank goodness E is a trooper, because we were all over the map on Saturday!

Photo: Congrats Nate and Cece!



Friends, food and fun!


Luckily the weather held out and the party was a blast.  The house was beautiful and the company was spectacular.  Everett even got to meet another Everett!  Our friend Nate’s middle name is Everett (which we had no idea) along with his Dad’s middle name (which is what he goes by).  So E was in good company this weekend!


Photo: Getting some lovin' from Aunt Lynnie. #poolparty

Aunt Lynnie stealing some sugar!


After celebrating the engagement of Nate and Cece, a few of us headed out for dinner at a very well known German restaurant just down the road from the party.  We feasted on all kinds of authentic German foods while listening to the live band and wishing we were back in Munich!


Thank goodness we were outside…the music was bangin!

Everett hung in there and was a bit jealous that he couldn’t have any beer and brats!


  • Sunday - Beach day!

After all the fun in the sun on Saturday, we actually had more on the docket!  Sunday was our friend Lynn’s birthday and we all decided to head to New Smyrna to celebrate!  We got a little bit of bronzing in before the storms came and cut our birthday beach day short.  We were sad to go home before we were ready, but plan to continue Lynn’s celebration this Thursday at our 4th of July cookout! 


Little dude.


E’s girlfriend Kennedy was there!  It was her first time at the beach and she loved it!  I can see many more trips in their future!


The waves were cold!  I think he prefers the pool water much more!



menu monday3

Everett was playing soccer with his dad…in the rain.


Birthday girl!


Photo: Right before the downpour! #newsmyrna #rainraingoaway

Family photo about 2 minutes before the bottom dropped out… (see below)


Time to go!


Somebody chatted almost the whole way home!


Although the weather doesn’t look the best this week – lots of funsies planned with 4th of July in the middle of the week along with E’s five month birthday.  Can’t wait!


M: Crock Pot Ranch House Pork Chops* w/ Wild Rice and Green Beans

T:  Balsamic Steak, Mushroom and Blue Cheese Pizza

W:  Pressed Sandwiches w/ Black Bean Soup

Th: Fourth of July cookout @ Jill and Ryan’s house!

F:  Chopped Salad and Broccoli Bites*

Sa:  BBQ, Swiss and Bacon Chicken Sandwiches w/ Sweet Potato Fries

Su:  Chicken Tetrazini


*New recipes!

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