July 22, 2013

Menu Monday


Weekend highlights:

Howdy!  We kind of had an extended weekend around here, but not for a fun reason. Sad smile

Everett contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth disease two weeks ago.  We think he got it when we were out stroller shopping and chewing on stroller straps in the store.  Since he is not in daycare and the other kids he was around didn’t have the virus, that’s the only thing we can come up with.  He started with a fever and crankiness before the horrible sores broke out on his hands, feet and mainly mouth (hence the name of the virus).

After going to the pediatrician and having it diagnosed, they told us there was nothing we could do but wait it out and that it was contagious, but adults didn’t usually get it…HA!  Well, about a week after the little dude had it, my big dude got it as well.

Mike had the same symptoms and had the same gnarly breakouts.  It is not a fun virus I tell you and he was at home Thursday and Friday resting.  Boo for him, but yay for us – we loved having him around!




We decided to start E on solid foods and opted for sweet potatoes for his first taste.  He did great and has since taken to the spoon pretty well!  So far so good!





We did a lot of resting and walking this weekend and were so excited to see Gransie yesterday.  She’s here until Wednesday and loves getting her fill of Everett.  She’s a pro on her iPad now and loves taking videos of the little guy laughing.



Finished all of his sweet potatoes!   #eatslikehisdaddy

Finished all of his sweet potatoes – a pro eater just like his daddy!


As for this week – simple menu for a simple week.  Have a good one!


M:  Pizza Burgers w/ Sweet Potato Fries

T:  Pulled Chicken Soft Tacos w/ Corn on the Cob

W:  Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Th:  Apricot Pork Chops w/ Veggie Cous Cous

F:  Chopped Chicken Salad

Sa:  Shepherd’s Pie w/ Roasted Carrots

Su:  Cajun Chicken Pasta

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