July 8, 2013

Menu Monday


Weekend highlights:

Since much of this weekend was super low key, I don’t have tons to report, but sometimes those are the weekends I love the most!

-We started Saturday off with a morning of playing, napping and topped it off with a family run before heading out and about.  Mike and I had a sushi date while the little guy slept and then we headed to Buy Buy Baby for a little bit of stroller shopping. 




Loves grabbing and pulling!



Working hard on sitting up!


Everett hasn’t totally outgrown his infant car seat/snap-n-go stroller juuuust yet but we know that a new lightweight stroller is definitely going to be needed in the near future (for our TWO upcoming trips to Wisconsin for sure!).  So, when my dad asked me what we still needed, that (and new carseats soon) were the only things on my mind.  Since Grandpa T wanted to give this to E as a gift, we headed out to see what we could find.



Spicy Tuna, Bento Box and Strollers = Saturday Afternoon Out!


I have been researching lightweight strollers for a while and had a few in mind when we arrived.  I gave Mike the lowdown on my contenders and knew that he would help make the best decision (and figure out how they all worked).  After playing around with them we decided on the Chicco Liteway.  We have the Chicco Keyfit30 carseat and Keyfit Caddy and love it, so I knew the quality was there already.  We went on a walk with it last night and like it so far…it folds easily, was a great price and reclines – all the things I was looking for.  I will keep you posted!  (PS- did you know that Chicco is actually pronounced kee-ko?  It’s true!)



I think he likes it!

(Mike made the final decision on the color, which I really like – sometimes I can get a little color crazy!)


-Sunday was spent hanging out at home for most of the day followed by a late afternoon visit with these cuties!

My girlfriend Leigh (aka “Ferg”) was in town from Charlotte on an impromptu trip to Florida.  It was a spur of the moment trip and we couldn’t have been more excited!  She was in town about a month ago for our Rollins Reunion, but this time she brought her hubby Kevin and her two precious boys Jackson (15 months) and Tyson (3 yrs).  Her parents even came over from Sarasota so we got to visit with them as well!



We had a little bit of a photo shoot by the pool and it was so cool seeing the three of them together – lots of boys!



We got a good one!




After some swimming we got everybody changed and headed to Delmonico’s Steak House for some much needed dinner.  It was just a few hundred yards away from their hotel (thank goodness since eating with three little ones is like being blindfolded and heading into the great unknown) and we ended up having the “Sinatra Room” all to ourselves.  The kiddos did great and we had an excellent meal.  Thanks to Big D (Leigh’s dad) for treating us!  It was delish!

It’s always good to see amazing friends, but so sad to say goodbye…these are the times I wished we all lived closer!


As for this week, it looks pretty normal although I do have an iPad training workshop, Gransie will be in town this weekend and my friend Kamrin and I are hosting a shabby chic baby shower for our girlfriend and mom-to-be Noelle (aka Nanny Nomo).  I can’t wait for all of the festivities!


M:  Crock Pot Chicken Philly Sandwiches* w/ Corn on the Cob

T: Pasta e Fagiole w/ Broccoli Bites*

W:  Crock Pot Beef Stew w/ Mashed Potatoes

Th:  Oven Tacos* w/ Roasted Carrots

F:  Buffalo Chicken Pizza w/ Wedge Salad

Sa:  Baby Back Ribs w/ Napa Salad

Su:  Chicken Pesto Stuffed Shells


*new recipes!


Have a great week!

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  1. Two trips to Wisconsin!! Lucky you - when are they??