July 29, 2013

Menu Monday


As many of you already know, our weekend has been revolving around this precious little lady.  My girlfriend Noelle (aka “Nanny Nomo” for those of you who are regulars on the blog) had her daughter Finley Elizabeth late Thursday night at Winter Park Memorial Hospital.



Finley Elizabeth Oblander <3


She was born with little to no heartbeat and has been in a medically induced coma since shortly after her birth and was rushed to the NICU at Florida Hospital South.  She is showing very few signs of brain activity at the moment, but is still undergoing many more tests.


Finley was 7 lbs. 9 oz. and 21 inches long at birth and has the cutest little sausage toes - ever. 


I got to meet her on Saturday afternoon and she is absolutely beautiful.  She has touched my life in a way I could have never known in such a short amount of time, and along with all of Noelle and her husband Tim’s families we are all fully committed to Fight for Finley.  The power of prayer is miraculous and although we don’t know yet what Finley’s story will be, she has already written many chapters in all of our hearts.




We now have a fundraising site for the Oblander family and even though prayers are greatly appreciated, if you are able to donate to help offset some of the mounting medical bills please click on the image below.


Right now I just ask that you keep these precious people (all 3 of them) who are so special to us in your thoughts and prayers.




As for this week on our home front, we plan on taking meals and making visits to Nomo and Tim, as well as taking Everett to daycare for the first time!  I go back to work on Monday (eek!) so we are starting the daycare process at the end of this week to give him a bit of an adjustment period.  He goes for his 6 month check up today and more shots.  He’s growing like a weed, eating solids like a champ and getting many extra hugs and kisses this week as we are so blessed to have a healthy baby boy.





Here’s our menu plan:

M:  Cobb Salad

T:  Steak and Veggie Kebabs w/ Tzatziki and Baked Potatoes

W:  Chicken Pesto and Tomato Pizza

Th:  Hawaiian Chicken Sandwiches w/ Corn on the Cob

F:  Lasagna

Sa: Sweet and Sour Chicken w/ Fried Rice

Su:  Sloppy Joes w/ Sweet Potato Fries

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  1. Hi lane it was very nice meeting you and your handsome little Everett!! Will you please tell me how you got a blog and how I myself could start one?? Thank you :) Amy