February 10, 2020

Weekend Update

Our weekend turned out a little bit differently than what we thought, but it was still a good one!

Mike was originally going to participate in the Frigid  Polar Plunge and Trail Run 5k on Saturday at the U.S. National Whitewater Center, but because of the crazy storms that brought lots of rain to our area the "plunge" part of the race was cancelled due to rising river waters.  

We were all pretty bummed (I was going to be the photographer!) and he chose to change his registration to a different race, which was probably a pretty good idea since the temps were in the 20s on Saturday morning.  

Saturday afternoon we even had snow!  It didn't stick, but it came down steadily for about 3 hours and it was so nice to sit inside and watch it.  It felt like we were living in a snow globe!

Saturday night we dropped our kiddos off at YMCA Parents Night Out and headed out for a Date Night - woop woop!

We opted for a few new breweries and headed straight to Charlotte to fit in as much as possible in our 3.5 hour window.  We started off at Sugar Creek Brewery and loved the aesthetics - the place is so fun and cool.

Next up was Brewers at 4001 Yancy.  This place was huge and is home to about 3 different breweries (Victory, Southern Tier and Sixpoint).  Not to mention that the UNC vs. Duke basketball game was on, so it was nuts!  Luckily we got a seat at the bar and enjoyed everything we ate and drank.

With only a few minutes to spare we headed to our last stop, The Wooden Robot.  We literally had about 20 minutes before we had to head back to pick up the kiddos, but it was a hopping place, too.  I even had a sour beer and didn't hate it!


Sunday we decided to try out a new hike/trail as we are on a quest to complete our Winter To-Do list.  We headed to The Gateway Trail in Kings Mountain.  

It was a relatively flat trail, except for Cardio Hill - which did offer nice views of Kings and Crowders Mountains, and is part of the Carolina Thread Trail.  For a sunny and 50 degree day, it was very quiet and made the perfect afternoon for exploring.  

We even found a new mural on our way out of town - the biggest one yet!

I almost forgot quite possibly the biggest news of the weekend - Everett FINALLY lost his first tooth! 

He has been waiting for a while to even have just a loose tooth, and then, once it was loose, he couldn't wait for it to come out!  We were eating breakfast Sunday morning and all of a sudden he said, "Guess what just happened?!?" and he was holding it in his hand.  So exciting!

This week is looking to be verrrry busy, but once we make it to the weekend we are heading to the mountains for a night to spend time with our friends, go tubing, visit more breweries and have a lot of fun.  

M:  Brinner- Breakfast Egg Rolls w/ Sausage and Black Beans
T:  Burrito Bowls w/ Brown Rice
W:  Chicken Lettuce Cups w/ Edamame
Th:  Burgers and Fries
F:  Veggie and Black Bean Quesadillas w/ Succotash
Sa:  Mountains with The Mays!
Su:  Chicken Kebabs w/ Grilled Veggies and Fried Rice

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