January 24, 2020

Winter Bucket List

I love lists.  I love making them.  I love checking things off and then making new ones.  I also love planning excursions and exploring new things.  

Having moved to a brand new area this past summer, and experiencing our first real winter (at least for me and the kiddos), I'm excited to put together a seasonal bucket list.  Some of these items we have already accomplished, but the thrill of writing something down and making an effort to complete it all while making new family memories is so exciting!

We can already check off the No-Snow Tubing box.  We surprised the kids and went to Crowders Ridge last Friday night and had a blast.  I gave them a couple of clues and they were guessing the whole way there.  Anytime we can make it a surprise it seems to add a little bit more excitement.  The tubes were actually pretty fast for no snow and the sessions lasted an hour.  It was also nice to not have to worry about snow pants!

We have also checked off the collect icicles box.  The kiddos spent their day off for MLK, Jr collecting mini icicles they found hanging on the soccer net.  It was in the 30s all day and they were so excited to see real icicles (#floridakids).  They collected them in a small bucket and now they are living in our freezer where they check on them daily.

I also usually like to throw some sort of educational goals on there for the kiddos.  Everett received the book The One and Only Ivan for Christmas and we are almost half way through it.  It's currently being made into a movie and we definitely want to finish it first. We also got a Chromebook for the kids for Christmas and we deliberately opted not to get a touch screen. 

I think it's so important for our kids to actually learn how to type and to start I found a website that offers fun, free typing lessons for kids.  Everett has been doing it a little bit each week and he's definitely getting better at finding the home row keys.  Fingers crossed it sticks!

Image result for the one and only ivan"

Hilty has recently just picked out her own chapter book that she wants to read (have read to her) and so far she's loving it.  She is used to curling up and listing to E's chapter books, but this is the first time she has gotten to pick it out.  She's also working a few new sight words per week.

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We seem to always be busy, which is a great thing.  But for those days where we are wondering "What should we do?" this list is a great jumping off point!

What would be on your bucket list? 

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