January 31, 2020

Snack Plate Update

Our snack plate policy is going still going strong and has even helped my snacking habits in the process.  Keep reading for more snacking ideas!

As we finish week three of our after school snack plates I am happy with how it has been going.  I have made an effort while planning my weekly menu to keep in mind some healthy snacks to have on hand, and although some of the snack plates look pretty involved, they really haven't been.  

I have been introducing some new fruits and my kids have actually been very open to it all.  I also bought some tiny cookie cutters to make the display a little more appetizing at times.  This set of 24 mini cookie cutters was $10 and makes cutting fun shapes out of fruit a cinch!

Exhibit A - My kids don't love cantaloupe, but were much more willing to try it shaped as a heart!

I have held strong to the rule that whatever is on the snack plate is whatever is available until dinner time.  This process has been such a positive change in our afternoon routine, including healthier snacking habits for me as well!

Below are some of our more recent combinations for some snacking inspiration.  Enjoy!

Snack Plate Combo #1:  Homemade popcorn, cheese cubes, pineapple chunks and homemade trail mix.

Homemade Trail Mix - Lightly salted almonds, mini M&Ms, yogurt covered raisins, craisins, whole cashews and dark chocolate chips

Snack Plate Combo #2:  Apple "Donuts" w/ PB and granola, blueberry skewers (toothpicks), Cheese quesadilla bites

Snack Plate Combo #3:  English Muffin Pizzas, raspberries and lightly salted almonds.

Snack Plate Combo #4:  Pigs in a Blanket (store bought), Edamame, Orange Chunks

Snack Plate Combo #5 - No Bake Energy Balls (recipe coming soon), pitted cherries and raspberries, cut up cheese stick

Snack Plate combo #6:  Meatballs with marinara, avocado chunks, pistachios

Snack Plate Combo #7 - Apple slices with Nutella, salami, heart shaped cantaloupe

Feel free to right click and save the idea board below in case you ever feel like you are in a snack time rut!

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