February 14, 2020

Filled with Love

Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day!  

I have a super easy, but very fun Valentine's Day recipe.  In all actuality I should have posted this earlier in the week so you all had time to get everything you need for this easy recipe to have ready for Valentine's Day morning.  

*Spoiler alert - it's really only one ingredient...a tube of store bought cinnamon rolls!

There are a few different variations of this method, it's not really even a recipe since you are just reshaping pre-made cinnamon rolls.

Essentially all you do is:

1.  Open the tube.

2.  Unroll cinnamon rolls.  Leave the already curled up middle section in tact and then just roll up the other end to match.  Put them together to make the top of the heart.   Pinch the bottom together a bit to make a point.

3.  Place on baking sheet and bake according to package directions, or maybe even take a minute or two off since they are more spread out.

4.  Optional - Add food coloring to the icing included in the package to make the hearts a bit more fun.  Sprinkles on top if you wish.

***Some variations of this method that I have read may depend on what type of cinnamon rolls you purchase.  

For thicker rolls you are encouraged to slice them in half (length wise) so that they are thinner and make a better heart shape since they spread out when they are baked.  The tubes that contain 6 rolls are usually the thicker ones.

Luckily, without even knowing, I bought this brand from Aldi and they were sliced into 8 sections already and were the perfect thickness - no cutting involved!  Highly recommend!

In the time it took me to make their regular breakfast I had a delicious, fun treat for my littles.  They were SO surprised and excited and felt all that Valentine's Day love!

I promise you will look like a rock-star with minimal effort - WIN/WIN.

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