December 4, 2019

The Inheritance Project - Part 5

Wow.  This post, and the one that will be coming next,  have been a long time coming.  We flipped my grandparents house at the beginning of 2016 and I still have people that ask me about it and want to see the finished project.  

My last Inheritance Project post was in May of 2016 we had just finished painting most of the rooms and were working on the kitchen back splash.   Although it seems like AGES ago...Hilty wasn't even 1 yet (!!!), it is very fun to look back and see how much we accomplished and how thankful we are that it is over.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about and are interested in our renovation, here are the links to the previous posts.

Below is a very quick rundown on the last few projects we did before we put the house on the market.


After installing the back splash tiles, it was time for grout.  We used an un-sanded grout as to not scratch the faces of the tiles and chose a darker gray to add some contrast and really have an impact visually in the otherwise light and airy kitchen.

The tile always looks great before grouting, but the finished product is always so.much.better.  We were thrilled with how this turned out, and how CLEAN the kitchen felt!

We also began staging the kitchen with a few items to make the space feel a little more homey.  We added some seating in the corner of the kitchen, shelf liner and a fun dish towel.  It's amazing how a few items can make you feel right at home.

Inspiration picture for kitchen


We hired my cousin to paint the exterior and it was the best move we made.  Besides the counter top installation, this was the only other part of the house renovation that we didn't do ourselves.  It was a logistics thing and we just didn't have the time (or expertise) to get the entire house painted in the time frame that we had.  We were thrilled with the outcome and loved not having to do it!

The carport ceiling was my absolute favorite part about the whole house.  It was gorgeous once it was painted white and the whole space instantly transported me to the Florida Keys.  It turned out beautiful!

We also had my cousin and his crew do all new screens on the front porch which was a huge time saver as well.  

It's amazing what white paint can do.  The house looked brand new when all was said and done.

We also painted the shed in the back to match the house, gave the indoor and outdoor porch floors a fresh coat of paint and even made a new gate out of scrap wood.

The exterior also got new house numbers, which was honestly the hardest project we did on the whole house.  It was rough, but they turned out beautiful.  We also added a small amount of landscaping as well as a new mailbox.

Little E!!!


Besides a million gallons of fresh paint and the same number of gallons of 409 used on the interior to clean it, we also cleaned and re-stained the worn parts of the original wood floors and front door as well as adding new baseboard throughout the house.

Door Before

Door After

Once the baseboards were in we gave it one more good cleaning, added some staging and it was ready to go on the market.

The final transformation pictures coming next!

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