December 3, 2019

Menu Monday-ish

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful, crazy, relaxing, food filled Thanksgiving.  I know we did and have quickly jumped into a super busy, super crazy week!


Mike was still working last Wednesday, but we took the opportunity to knock a out a few things on our shopping list and ended up making not one, but two trips to IKEA to get the chairs for the new playroom/study.  

Luckily they are perfect and the room is coming together quite nicely!  The curtains came in (LOVE THEM) and I made one last minute change on the color of the chair covers and am so happy I did.  We have to build in the desk between the cabinets and the new desk chairs will be delivered tomorrow (yay for Black Friday deals!).

Here is a sneak peak:

It does look extra busy with the kids tree in there, but trust me, it's gorgeous.  I will have a House to Home follow up once it's all finished.


Mike and I were up early and headed to Charlotte for the Turkey Trot 8k in South Park.  The weather was gorgeous for 5 miles of running with a 45 degree start and a 55 degree finish with sun for days.  It was beautiful.

My knee didn't think the run was that great, but we had a great time and didn't feel guilty about any seconds we had later that day.

Thanksgiving dinner (really late lunch) consisted of brie and jam with crackers, turkey, dressing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, gravy and cornbread.  It was delicious and just enough for the 5 of us.

After eating we headed out for an early bonfire with hot chocolate, s'mores and some family pics.  It's my favorite time of year to take a few pics.  Mike obliges, and luckily, my mom has gotten to be a pretty good photographer!


My old knees were not happy after our run and all night Thursday and I couldn't sleep.  I knew that Old Navy was open all night and decided to get some shopping done.  So at 3am I was out and about and actually had a great time.  The store wasn't crazy and I had time to actually look around.  There were great deals to be had!

After everyone woke up we did a little bit more Black Friday shopping and surprised E with an early Christmas present.  He was SO EXCITED and has been shooting hoops everyday since.

We also picked up a tree and had a blast decorating for Christmas.  I did the family tree and the kids decorated their tree.  There is definitely a holiday buzz in the air!


Raking, raking and more raking.  Then football, football and more football.  The Badgers and Gators both had GREAT games, so everyone was happy in our household!

The good thing:  we don't have to bag all  of the leaves, we just rake them to the curb and they come and suck them up with some huge vacuum.

The bad thing:  The trees in our yard still aren't that means we will be doing this a few more times.


Sunday was a lazy football watching day that ended with the Gastonia Christmas Parade.

Fun was had by all!

Here's to a busy, fun and Christmas filled week.  We are super busy every night and then are headed for a quick mountain get-away.  Can't wait to share our trip next week.

Here's the (very easy, not very impressive) menu:

M (Basketball):  Brinner - French Toast Sticks, Eggs and Sausage

T (Christmas at Robinson):Hot Dogs and Chips

W (Basketball):  Grilled Chicken w/ Grilled Veggies and Yellow Rice

Th (PTO Meeting):  Make Your Own Pizza

F: Boone/Beech Mountain

Sa:  Boone/Beech Mountain

Su: French Onion Soup

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