January 16, 2015

FF–Check Check

I love gingham.  I think it is the quintessential definition of a timeless pattern.  You just can’t go wrong it…however you can go a little bit out on a limb with it. 
Most people, when wearing gingham, treat it as the “patterned print” in the outfit and pair it with a solid, which in itself is an amazingly classy look.  However if you want to take it up a notch, try using your gingham piece as the neutral and pair it with different patterns for an appealing and interesting combination.
Here are a few of my attempts at mixing and matching from this past week:

14305486_121129163000  IMG_9345
         Marona Shirt via Target $22   Buffalo Plaid via Old Navy $15

Thanks to my awesome kiddos in my class, I received a very nice Target gift card for Christmas; so I did a little shopping.  I fell in love with not only the gingham shirt (I purged my old one that had seen better days) but this awesome cardigan.  I wear cardigans almost every day and when I saw this one I had to have it. 
I love how the gingham adds interest without taking away from the design on the cardigan.  A match made in heaven!

I discovered this next combo one morning when I was in a rush.  I had already decided on the black bottoms with the plaid shirt with another sweater that just wasn’t working.  At the last minute I pulled out this Fair Isle sweater (last year from Old Navy) and loved how the plaid and patterns on the sweater went together.  It’s not a totally “out there” combo, but the little peep of plaid at the bottom makes me smile Smile.


And, I couldn’t do my first Fashionable Friday in a while without including a fashionable toddler!  Is this sweater not the best?!?!
Sweater:  Target via Once Upon a Child $4
Blue Collared Shirt:  Gap $11
Green Pants:  Target $8
Shoes:  Bass $0 – Hand me downs…thanks Fergie!

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