January 12, 2015

Menu Monday

Happy Monday everybody!  As I sit here listening to the pouring down rain, it makes me so thankful for the beautiful weather we had this weekend (Saturday to be specific) that allowed us to trek all around College Park for a BYKA (Bring Your Kid Along) Pub Crawl!
We met up at Jenny and Jeremy’s house around lunchtime, loaded the Bobs (strollers) and started out on foot.  We were celebrating Jeremy’s 34th birthday and had a blast.  The kiddos were troopers and looked pretty cute with their glasses, too.



Our first stop was to The Greek Corner for lunch followed by a jaunt to Lucky Lure (so cute) and The Hammered Lamb for some ping pong.


E loved all of the scenes for the most part…but having missed his nap due to our funsies, our cranky toddler needed a quick time-out to regroup.  He eventually fell asleep in his stroller for a little siesta as well.



Once we walked back (past this gorgeous downtown Orlando sunset) it was time for a little playing, eating and flirting before bedtime.  Everett just loves his buddy Carson and took a quick liking to our friend Abby as well (see below).


Sunday was filled with party planning (somebody’s turning 2 soon!), Play Doh and PACKERS!!!  We were a pretty happy family yesterday afternoon Smile.


This week is super busy workwise and homewise.  I am lucky enough to be able to attend the first Celebration of Life Gala meeting tomorrow night with my friend Noelle that will benefit The Finley Project.  I am so proud of all that she has done and is doing.  It takes a pretty brave person to turn loss into hope…and I can’t wait to help plan this major fundraiser. 
We are also looking forward to visiting with my dad and his wife, Vicki, this weekend as they are in town from South Carolina.  Until then – here’s what’s on tap.  Enjoy!

M:  BBQ Chicken Pizza w/ Salad
T:  Leftovers
W:  Black Bean Soup w/ Grilled Cheese
Th:  Chicken Tetrazzini w/ Green Beans
F:  Sweet & Sour Pork w/ Fried Rice and Carrots
Sa:  Steak and Mushrooms w/ Loaded Baked Potatoes
Su:  Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups w/ Broccoli

I also finished my new gift wrap “station” this weekend.  It’s now on the side of the fridge and is not only easy to get to, but a great use of wasted space.  I am so stoked (it’s the little things in life that make me happy).  No more digging through closets!  Score!


  1. Lane the black bean soup and the tetrazzini both sound so good! I need to try these soon. :)