February 19, 2014

Menu Wednesday


Hi all!  So sorry this is late (seems to be late more than on time these days) but better late than never!

Weekend recap -

Friday night:

After getting up early Friday morning to slap together a onesie for E to wear for Valentine’s day (thank goodness I had extra fabric and a sewing machine) we spent Friday afternoon/night feeling the love and having a nice night in.


There’s nothing that says Valentine’s day like an afternoon family stroll, homemade chicken marsala and the Olympics.  It was perfect.


Saturday -

Mike was up early on Saturday to head to the 13th Annual Wetlands Festival hosted by The City of Orlando.  He is on the Wetlands planning committee and his department plays a big role in putting on the festival every year.

While Mike was busy with that, Everett and I headed to meet his girlfriend, Kennedy, and her parents (our friends) Jill and Ryan for a musical performance by Mr. Richard at Barnes and Noble.  The place was packed and E and K had a great time just looking around (and at each other)!




After our kiddie concert we headed for an early lunch and playtime.  Although Kennedy and Everett are still a bit small for the play area, they had fun just standing, crawling, and climbing.



EVerett was listening carefully to “the baby date rules” given to him by Kennedy’s dad.  Luckily he was a gentleman and even shared some of his peanut butter sandwich with K.




Once we returned home we had a little bit of play time mixed in with some walking practice!  It is still so weird to see him toddle around!  He can’t quite get up by himself, but once he pulls up he is getting better and better each day at taking more and more steps!  I love watching little ones learn new skills – so exciting to see their growth!




After meeting up with Mike at our friends’ house, he took over E duty and I headed to my school’s Diamonds and Denim Gala.  This is one of our major fundraisers of the year and was a lot of fun.  Good people, good food (and drinks) and good times.









Sunday -

After getting to sleep in until 7am (thanks Everett!) We had a yummy family breakfast (my new favorite thing) before heading out for our weekend training run.





It was pears, cantaloupe, mango, avocado, eggs and potatoes for the little guy.  He’s just like his father with a big and healthy appetite!  The kid just loves to eat!




After breakfast it was a great 6 miler (the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS) followed by a chocolate banana smoothie.  Perfect combo.




After a family naptime we headed to check out some new prescription sunglasses for Mike.  He can’t live without them and since he “misplaced” his old ones (which is so not like him – he’s still so mad) we had to go order some new.  The boys didn’t seem to have as much fun as I did!




I have always wanted a pair of glasses.  When I was little I can remember buying frames with clear glass in them to pretend that I had glasses (weird-o, I know).  So it’s no surprise that I had a blast trying on all kinds of frames.  Luckily, I don’t need glasses – so I won’t press my luck, but I did have fun pretending!




As for this week…it’s already half over!  More of the same…busy at work and busy at home.  We are headed to my mom’s this weekend to celebrate my Nana’s birthday which was yesterday.  Everett hasn’t been up that way since Thanksgiving, so the fam is excited to see his growth.

As for our grub – here’s the plan---


M:  Spaghetti w/ Spinach Meatballs

T:  Roast Beef Paninis w/ (leftover) Chili

W:  Bean Quesadillas w/ Veggie Yellow Rice

Th:  Leftovers

F:  Broccoli, Ham and Cheese Baked Potatoes w/ Chopped Salad

Sa:  East Palatka

Su:  BBQ Chicken Pizza


Have a great week!


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