February 10, 2014

Menu Monday


Weekend highlights-

Friday night was very low key but did include a MUCH NEEDED haircut for the little dude.  I didn’t know how exactly I was going to manage cutting his hair since he is such a busy body, but we finally got it done in the bathtub.  He had crazy curls sticking out everywhere and it looks so much better now that it is a little bit more tame. He does look older though (and he still has both ears – score)!




Saturday I spent most of the day at a math workshop while Mike and E hung out at home.  The weather was soooo cruddy outside and I was quite jealous of the lounging and napping that went on while I was away.

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“Get in my belly!”


Sunday was another day that we just got hung out.  It seems like we are always super busy on the weekends and an “at home with nothing to do” weekend was much needed. 

After a 2+ hour nap from Everett we headed for some lunch and shoe shopping!  Pei Wei and Stride Rite were on our list (my how times have changed).



Ginger Chicken and Broccoli – yum!


My mom gave E money for his birthday to put towards his first pair of shoes.  She gave us strict instructions to get his feet fitted properly.  So we followed directions.  We headed to Stride Rite and were in and out in about 10 minutes.  They were very helpful and speedy which is an A++ when dealing with a toddler!




After E was measured (5.5 Wide – big feet!) we were pointed to his “section” and picked a pair of shoes from there.  They were all SO CUTE and I love the ones we ended up picking.




Everett was so funny when we put them on – he was walking around the furniture acting like he had spaceships on his feet.  He couldn’t quite figure out what was going on!

---Speaking of walking…somebody took 6 unassisted steps today – he’s so close!!!



The rest of the day was spent eating (of course), playing and running.  Our family day was capped off with a nice 5 miler in the GORGEOUS weather – such a nice change from the dreary weather on Saturday.





More of the same this week with Everett’s 12 month well visit and a few fun events scheduled this weekend.  Here’s what we are eating – what’s your menu plan?


M: Meatloaf with Veggie Wild Rice and Brown Gravy

T:  Beef Barley Soup

W:  Fried (Dippy) Eggs w/ Stuffing and Roasted Green Beans

Th:  Balsamic Steak Pizza

F:  Chicken Marsala w/ Roasted Carrots

Sa:  Chili Dogs/Brats w/ Chips

Su:  Leftovers

Have a great week!



“No pictures please”

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