February 25, 2014

Menu Monday–ish


Weekend highlights-

We had a fun, exciting and jam-packed weekend!  We were in East Palatka all weekend celebrating my Nana’s 86th birthday.  We drove up Saturday morning and had two full days of fun with lots of new tricks from the little guy.



Everett had been taking many sequences of steps the last week and a half, but Mike and I were hesitant to actually say he was walking since he couldn’t stand up by himself. He still needed to pull up on something and then take steps (which were still very wobbly at best).  Well, that all changed Saturday.  After our picnic on the porch, we let him roam around the yard (no shoes of course…just like a little country bumpkin).

He loved the grass and within probably 30 minutes, he taught himself how to stand up on his own.  It was so cool to watch.  By the end of the afternoon he was a pro and walking everywhere!




He loved playing with grapefruit as well.  Mike and Nana were harvesting some from her tree and E loved picking up the small ones, throwing them and then going to pick them up and starting all over again.  He was fetching his own throws and kept himself busy for a while. 



After a water break (the kid had literally never had that much exercise in his life) we had fun with some family pics.





Then it was more walking…which actually starting turning into running.  He had a BLAST and the weather was absolutely perfect.  Best day ever.




E even got some loving my Aunt Dawnie and Uncle Clay as well as Cousin Justin.  Isn’t it a shame that nobody loves him!?! 



Sunday started off with a 4 mile run for Mike and me while Gransie watched E.  It was so nice to not have to push a stroller up the bridge and we actually recorded our fastest time in a while – we were really just trying to beat the rain!

River running is always an adventure!




After our run, we were treated to a feast in honor of Nana’s Birthday.  My mom made roasted pork loin, broccoli casserole, harvest apples, wild rice with mushrooms, gravy and rolls.  It was all delish, but the strawberry trifle took the cake (ha, ha).  Hands down, yummy.




We headed home around E’s bedtime and he was exhausted.  He fell asleep within about 5 minutes and slept the whole way and went right down in his crib when we got home.  He’s a trooper.




As for this week we are back to normal and logging more training miles before our next race in a few weeks.  We have a yummy menu planned and hopefully great weather to play in.  Have a great and delicious week wherever you are!


M:  BBQ Chicken Pizza

T:  Egg Salad Sandwiches w/ Carrots

W:  Grilled Pork Chops w/ Tomato Chutney and Mushroom Cous Cous

Th:  Chicken Noodle Soup

F:  Baked Ziti w/ Chopped Salad

Sa:  Steak Salad

Su: Turkey and Cranberry Paninis w/ Sweet Potato Fries



A very special congratulations to our friends Jenny and Jeremy whom you hear about quite often on the blog.  Their son, Carson was born late last night and is so handsome and healthy.  We are so excited to welcome him to the world and can’t wait to meet the little dude – he already looks like he’s ready for a good time!  Congrats JD2!!!


Carson Michael Dawkins

2/24/14   10:44 pm

7 lbs. 2 oz  19 3/4 in.

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