January 27, 2014

Menu Monday


Weekend recap:


Friday night festivities---play, bath, rough housing with dad.  The norm.




Saturday we headed to Melbourne to visit with Mike’s buddy who was in town from Wisconsin with his sister’s family for some R & R.

We met for brunch at New Day CafĂ© and were pleasantly surprised.  Our bill was inexpensive and the food was delish.  A perfect midday stop.




I opted for a mushroom and cheese omelet – yum.




After brunch we headed to the beach!  Nick’s hotel was on the beach and it was a perfect day for some sandy fun.  Everett and Nick’s nephew Emerson had a great time searching for shells and getting dirty in the “baby pit”.








photo (1)

The boys even did the polar plunge – only Wisconsinites would even attempt it.  Crazies.


Sunday was full of eating (another successful family breakfast), playing, grocery shopping, running, bathing and “almost” walking (he’s so close!).




We also spent the weekend transitioning from not only bottles to sippy cups but formula to milk at the same time since the 1 year mark is quickly approaching!  It was a little touch and go for a little while, but E is transitioning pretty well.  We are still keeping the night-time bottle for some comfort, but all other times are sippy cups. 

He loves (and has for a while) water out of a cup, but was a little freaked out with the milk…once I put it in a cup that he couldn’t see what was in it – it worked like a charm.  Score. It’s all about smoke and mirrors; I am definitely not above tricking a toddler into doing anything!

As for our food this week – lots of new recipes*.  I will keep you posted on the keepers.


M:  Steak Quesadillas w/ Corn on the Cob

T:  Mushroom Stuffed Grilled Chicken* w/ Roasted Green Beans

W:  Tuna Sandwiches w/ Carrot Sticks

Th:  Pork Chops w/ Cherry Cous Cous* and Balsamic Mushrooms

F:  Beef Barley Soup*

Sa:  Spinach Lasagna Roll-ups

Su:  E’s 1st Birthday Party!

Have a great week!



I’d say that’s a wrap!

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