January 18, 2014



Last weekend was so.much.fun.  As I mentioned on Menu Monday, we helped host a couples baby shower for our friends Jenny and Jeremy (they are regulars on the blog).  They are expecting their first baby February 17 and we were so excited we could celebrate with them.

The shower was a Fiesta theme (we jokingly called it a “Fetus Fiesta”) and let off such a fun vibe.  Jenny’s sister, Andrea, who was in town from Nashville for the shower had lots of premade decorations as well as supplies for us to make our own.  The shower was actually held at a beautifully decorated rental house (via VRBO) and showcased all of our decorations beautifully!




Our favorite items included the fun Mexican flowers shown above.  The solid colored poofs were premade (we just pulled the paper apart) and the multi-colored flowers were homemade (here is a pretty good tutorial if you want to make your own via 100 Layer Cake).

We set up the food and dessert inside while the bar was outside.  The flow of the house worked well and thank goodness there was a covered porch during a pretty rough thunderstorm about halfway through the party.  Apparently all of the areas around us actually lost power…but we stayed up and running.  Cha-ching.




The bar was equipped with beer, wine and a specialty blue margarita in honor of the baby boy.





Andrea also had these hysterical baby pictures of Jeremy and Jenny blown up to use with the “Pin the pacifier on the baby” game.  We added the mustache for a little bit more Mexican flair. 






Since the weather was pretty warm we stacked the yard with citronella tiki torches to keep all of the bugs away (that is until the bottom dropped out of the sky).





One of my favorite stations of the shower was the diaper decorating.  Everybody was encouraged to write a note on the diaper to Jenny and Jeremy as a funny reminder when they are up at all hours of the night with a newborn.

I was a bit hesitant…nothing was coming to me, but as Lynn and I sat there for a bit we were on a roll.  It was so much fun and so fun to read the others.  Some messages were sweet, some funny and some with words I can’t share on the blog.  It was hysterical.




The food was catered by Tijuana Flats and was delish.  We ordered tons of food and it was a breeze to set up.  All of the containers were very well labeled and everything tasted great.  I must have been having too much fun, because I didn’t take pictures of any of the grub!





In all it was a great night with great friends.  We are so excited for little baby Dawkins to get here and we can’t wait to meet him.  Cheers to our growing family of friends.


Congrats JD2!!!

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  1. This is so hilarious! Looks like you guys had fun - we were so sad to miss it! LOVE the diaper station - HA!! Too cute!