January 13, 2014

Menu Monday


What a weekend!  In addition to the normal eating, bathing, napping and playing (as detailed below)…




…we also got to celebrate the upcoming birth of little baby Dawkins!  We are so excited to meet the little dude as we await his arrival.  Jenny is due February 17, which is almost exactly one year to the day of when I was due (my due date was February 18).  It’s so crazy to see her and think of the excitement, nervousness and scared to death feelings I was having right about this time last year…and now we have an almost 1 year old. SO CRAZY.

We had a blast at the couples shower with our fiesta theme; the d├ęcor was fabulous, the drinks were flowing and the company was unbeatable.  More to come on a separate post this week.





I mustache you a question…


As for this week, we have more training runs, a normal work schedule and lots of preliminary planning for the little guy’s upcoming first birthday party on February 2.  We are also rounding out the weekend with a short getaway to Clearwater for the wedding of our friends, Jessica and Don.  This will be our first overnight trip away from E and we are pretty stoked at the chance to sleep in (however, I’m sure I will wake up at the normal time anyway…ugh!).

Our menu plan is a simple one, however I have added a few links as an easy recipe locator.


M:  Grilled Steak Salad

T:  Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

W:  Creamy Veggie and Chicken Pasta

Th:  Brinner – Veggie Scramble w/ Home Fries

F:  Sweet and Sour Chicken w/ Fried Rice

Sa:  Chili Mac

Su:  Jessica and Don’s Wedding




We also finally hung this awesomely huge “E” that I found at HomeGoods for $8 (it was even made by Lane Furniture – I thought it was definitely meant to be).  I love the color and and the funky location…it absolutely adds a bit of pizazz to our family room.

We also watched two movies:  The Hangover III (as seen above) and We’re the Millers.  Of the two, I would say hands down We’re the Millers was 5 stars.  We laughed out loud and loved the cast.  It was hysterical.  I didn’t even fall asleep, so you know it was a good one!

Have a great week!

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