May 6, 2013

Menu Monday


Hi everybody and Happy Monday!


Weekend highlights:

  • Grandma Pam is here from Wisconsin!  Mike and Everett picked her up Friday from the airport and E has been smitten ever since (I think the feeling is mutual – she fell in love right away). 




  • We went on a walk and Grandma even got to “walk him” with her scooter.  It was awesome!  I can’t wait to show him this when he’s older – he will think it is so cool!







  • We also headed to the Winter Garden Harvest Festival (put on by our friend John) on Saturday.  The weather was a little dreary, as was I, still sick from the day before, but we wanted to check it out and support John.  There seemed to be a great turnout and despite the rain, there were plenty of people there milling about.  Pam loved the town of Winter Garden and I think Mike and I will definitely be back to their Farmer’s Market – such great looking produce!










  • Everett celebrated 3 months!  Part of me can’t believe it and part of me is thinking…it’s only been 3 months?!?  So funny how time can fly but stay still at he same time.




  • Other than that, we did a lot of the same old, same old with our little time waster.  Hearing him “talk” never gets old…nor does walking into his room and seeing this face in his crib.  My heart turns to mush every time.






  • We were supposed to head to Palatka this past weekend to visit my mom and family, but I unfortunately was sick and they were inundated with rain.  Fortunately I’m feeling better and we’re heading up this weekend instead for Mother’s Day.  I can’t wait to spend my first Mother’s Day with all of the important ladies in my life – it should be a blast!


As far as this week goes, it’s somewhat normal.  Grandma Pam is watching E for us during the weekdays (she’s so excited to have him all to herself), while I’m still on the hunt for the best daycare center around our area.  I have toured two so far with positive results and am going to see a few more before we make our final decision.  August will be here before you know it and I will be so relieved when we finally decide! 

We might even fit in a date night this week thanks to GP.  Here’s what will be on our plates, I hope you’re having something tasty as well!  Have a great week!


M:  Broccoli and Cheese Baked Potatoes

T:  Pasta e Fagiole (possible Date Night!)

W:  Steak w/ Sautéed Mushrooms and Sweet Potato Fries

Th:  Baked Spaghetti

F:  Pesto Chicken Pizza

Sa:  Palatka

Su:  Brinner – Pancakes w/ Eggs and Turkey Sausage

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