April 30, 2013

Baby On–2 Month Review



Month 2 Review:

Here are my highlights and thoughts about Everett’s second month alive.



  • First and foremost – I can’t believe how much he has grown.




  • After the initial first six weeks – which were very hard for me emotionally, the next six have been much better.  I still have my ups and downs like all new mothers (anxiety/guilt), but I can definitely say it has been mostly ups. 


  • I feel as though Mike and I are still (and will always be) “in the trenches” and parenting is such hard work – it is definitely not for the faint of heart. My mom always said that if you do it right it’s the hardest job you’ll ever have – but also the most rewarding.  Boy was she right.  It is a nonstop job that can sometimes seem unappreciated yet has benefits that are beyond your wildest dreams, especially when you get a laugh or a smile.  Those are the most precious moments.




  • There is nothing like being able to soothe your baby. Knowing that sometimes all they need is you to feel comforted is such a sweet feeling.




  • Suggestion from another mom (of twins): always ask the doctor/pharmacist for dye free meds. That way when they throw it up the meds are clear and don't stain.


  • E’s 2 month shots weren’t as bad as I thought they would be.  Poor thing.  I had baby Tylenol and a bottle waiting which seemed to help!




  • Sleep- I am convinced that God created sleep so that we can fall back in love with our children on even the most frustrating of days. They look like little angels.  Speaking of sleep he’s getting much better at his nighttime stretches.  His “normal” schedule now is to go to bed about 9-9:30 and he’ll usually sleep 7-8 hours in a row before waking up.  Compared to the exhaustion/sleep deprivation in beginning of infancy 7 hours in a row is AMAZING!



  • Comparing your experience with others can be cathartic, but also tricky.  I believe that it is human nature to compare any situation you have with what others are going through, whether you know their whole story or not.  It’s hard not to compare your situation with others, but try not to do it – it will drive you crazy.  In some delusional way we, as humans, want others to have it as bad or worse than we did at the time. Don't let it get to you, each baby and family dynamic is unique. Enjoy your own journey and worry about what works for you on that day at that moment. You're not doing it wrong you're just doing it differently to fit your baby’s needs. 




  • Going back to work for me was not bad at all (I went back after 9 weeks).  I know much of the reasoning was because I knew Mike would be caring for E for the month of April and he wouldn’t be starting daycare (he won’t have to until August), but personally I also crave routine and structure.  I was ready to get back to some semblance of that.


  • I am now secretly in love with the song It Won't Be Like This For Long by Darius Rucker.  Just thinking about the lyrics got me through some rough nights and baby meltdown sessions.


  • Nursery must haves:  clock, floor pillows, adult afghan.  Since there were many nights in the beginning that Mike and/or I spent sleeping on the nursery floor, the pillows and afghan were a must.  Now the floor pillows are great for tummy time activities and stories (I actually wrote this suggestion on my iPhone at 4:30 am while laying on the nursery floor).


  • Pandora Radio app is a must!  You can pick any children’s station-nursery rhymes, folk songs, toddler radio, lullabies, etc with no CDs to worry about!  Wherever we are I have my phone and can play any music on the spot.  Speaking of music, I love playing Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles when I go into get E in the mornings.




  • I have learned…If you are in the car and your baby starts crying just find a staticky station and use it as a make-shift white noise machine and turn it up!


  • Everett has somewhat of a "schedule"-ish now.  It is usually an eat, play, nap sequence and seems to work for him.  Mike and I have gotten much better at detecting his cries and know his tired cry pretty well.  When we see the first yawn we know that pretty soon he will need to start calming down, swaddle and rock.




  • I can honestly say that although I can’t believe E will turn three months this Saturday, weeks 6-12 seemed long to both of us. I think because in the beginning stages of the second month, or actually after the first six weeks, we/I seemed to be excitedly waiting for things to happen (smiling, laughing, grasping, cooing, etc) which can make time slow down.   It's so cool how much he's grown, and to watch him as he has started to do all of those milestones, but at the same time to realize how little he still is!



Everett at 10 days and at 11 weeks – same outfit!


  • Although I still have those days where I feel insecure and worry about the newness of being a mom, I think that as a couple Mike and I feel that instead of doing what all of the parenting books say is the "right" thing to do that we are confident enough to do what we think is right for our baby and our family.  It’s kind of liberating after not knowing what you’re doing in the beginning!


  • Don't forget dad! Mike is so amazing and I have found that just picking up a 6-pack (or twelver) of his favorite beer at the grocery store makes a great thinking of you gift anytime.  Goodness knows you both deserve it!




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