April 5, 2013

Did you know?


Hi all and happy weekend!!!  Today’s post contains a few did you know tips that I recently came across; I love when people share tidbits with me and wanted to share some of my recent “a-ha”s with you!  Enjoy!



1.  Did you know you can easily print Instagram pictures right from your smartphone?



I have been in love with Instagram recently and have been wondering how to print them easily and in the correct size (4x4).  I knew of sites that offered Instagram printing services, but didn’t really want to have to send off for them and have the added cost of shipping.

Well my friends, I found the solution!  While I was printing pictures of Everett from my phone using my Walgreens app I saw the option of printing from Instagram.  I decided to try it out, but figured since the pics weren’t a “normal” picture size that they would probably just come out as a 4x6.  I can tell you that I was more than pleasantly surprised when I saw the result.

The pictures are printed in a 4x4 size with a matte finish and look amazing!  I loved the result and immediately told all of my friends who also love Instagram, and wanted to share it with all of you! 

Here’s how:

1.  Download the free Walgreens app on your smartphone (you can’t print from Instagram on your computer, only from your phone).



2.  Click on the photo icon.



3.  Click on the Print from Instagram option.



4.  You will have to sign into your Instagram account.  After signing in your photos will be there; click on My Photos.


5.  Click on the photos that you would like printed and then choose Print to Walgreens.  The best news is that you can pick any Walgreens store you would like (I have printed from my phone to the Walgreens near my mom in another city) and put any name on the order. 

The bad news is that you can’t really edit the pictures you have selected and/or order different quantities of separate pictures.  You can order a different quantity, but it will be for all of the pictures you have selected.


***Don’t forget to check your Retail Me Not app (or the website) for Walgreens coupon codes.  They almost always have some sort of deal for prints (I ended up getting 40% off of my recent photo orders).

6.  Go to your selected Walgreens store and pick up your awesome prints!!!



2.  Did you know that you can order computer keys?

After we got married a few years ago my car and our computer seemed to die within about 3 weeks of our wedding.  Like any other situation, when it rains it pours.  We ended up buying a new (well, newer but used) car and new laptop within days of each other – welcome to married life!

With that being said, we had a new laptop that we loved.  It was so sleek and nice…until one day when I had a long thin necklace on, bent over to sit down in front of the computer and my necklace somehow got caught underneath the #1 key.  As I sat down my necklace pulled the key off and I felt horrible!  Our brand new computer looked tainted.


Laptop Keys Replacement  Keyboard Keys - LaptopKey.com - Windows Internet Explorer 452013 45847 PM


Well, have no fear – there is a fix for that very problem!  We ordered a #1 key from Laptopkey.com and it fits perfectly!!!  Our computer works like a charm now and I don’t feel guilty anymore – it was definitely a win-win!


IMG_0263 IMG_0264



3.  Did you know you can order replacement rings for your blender?

 I love using my blender, especially for smoothies.  I have had it for about 8 years (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) and recently noticed that the rubber o-ring gasket seal was stained, cracked and just plain grody.

I kept thinking in my mind, I wish I could just replace that part instead of continuing to scrub my original with no improvement, or buying a new blender.


Amazon.com Rubber o-ring gasket seal for Oster & Osterizer, 3 PACK. Kitchen & Dining - Windows Internet Explorer 452013 45801 PM


Well, thank goodness for Google and Amazon – two of my favorites, my wish was granted!  By typing in my blender model I found not 1 but 3 replacement o-rings for less than $1!  Woohooo!  They were shipped within a few days and my blender has never been happier – it actually even seems to work a little bit better Smile.


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