March 25, 2013

Menu Monday


Hi all!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  We had a fun and busy one! 

Besides watching a lot of basketball and cheering both of our teams on (only one of us is happy with the outcome today, see below), and my catering a bridal shower (a recap coming this week with new recipes), we also made it out to our first BBQ get-together at our friends’ Jenny and Jeremy’s house since having Everett. 



Go Gators – Sweet Sixteen Baby!


The BBQ turned out to be a great time, even though we didn’t exactly know what all to bring with us and what we would need for an evening/night party.  I must say that E did very well for his first shindig and ended up getting fresh with the ladies (wandering hands already) and then hanging out with the guys. 



Getting fresh with Aunt Lynnie!



Hanging with the guys (and his favorite girl Kennedy).


We brought our Moses basket and his noise machine which was all he seemed to need to pass out in a nice quiet room (swaddled of course).  Next time we’ll bring our monitor, since we had to stay close to the room to make sure we could hear him, and we’ll be all set!


This weekend we also decided to try moving Everett into his crib.  He had been sleeping in our room in the Pack and Play which was great in the beginning, but I must say we were ready to get our room back after hearing how loud babies can be when they sleep!  He transitioned like a champ, and I must say that I think we all slept better.  Our video monitor only kicks on when he’s crying and we don’t hear his noise machine or every grunt, sound or movement.  Yippeee!



Monitor watching.


Here are some other highlights from this weekend:


EJA - Month 22


7 weeks today – getting big enough to wear cute boy clothes!  This is his first collared shirt.  So cute!


As for this week, we are just doing more of the same.  Eating, changing diapers, reading books and napping.  We do have a lunch date with my friend Kamrin this week and then we are excited to have Gransie down for Easter weekend!  Here’s our menu plan – have a great week!


M:  Chicken Pesto Pizza

T:  Broccoli Cheese Potatoes

W:  Lasagna Rolls and Salad

Th:  BBQ Chicken Sandwiches w/ Sweet Potato Fries

F:  Sweet and Sour Chicken w/ Fried Rice

Sa:  Sausage Bean Soup

Su:  Easter Brunch – Ham, Cheese and Veggie Quiche w/ French Onion Soup

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