March 11, 2013

Menu Monday


Hi everybody and Happy Monday!  This past weekend (Friday), Everett got a special visit from his great-grandmother, my Nana.  She’s called Nana GG by all of her great grandchildren and she couldn’t wait to meet her newest one.  Everett just stole her heart and they were so cute together!




Along with Nana and my mom (Gransie), my cousin Devan and my Aunt Dawnie both came down to hang with the little man as well.  Aunt Dawnie had been down before, but this was Dev’s first encounter.




Everett was very well behaved and loved being loved by all of these special ladies!  We can’t wait for them to come back and visit!




Mike and I also had our first Date Night In, I guess it’s kind of like a “Staycation” but for dating.  I fixed a delicious homemade Buffalo Chicken Pizza (recipe coming soon) and we split a bottle of red wine.  I think we were both napping (along with Everett) before no time, but the pizza, wine and romantic candlelight was priceless.




As for this week, I have a couple of recipes that I can’t wait to share along with a new blog series that is replacing Fashionable Friday for a while…stay tuned!

Until then, here’s our menu plan for this week -


M:  Pepperoni Pasta Bake (Frozen)

T:  Bang Bang Chicken and Salad

W:  Meatloaf w/ Stuffing and Green Beans

Th: Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry w/ Brown Rice

F:  Chili Dogs w/ Pasta Salad

Sa:  Steak Salad

Su:  Tomato Tortellini Soup and Salad


Have a good one!

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