March 26, 2013

In the Bag


So, after hearing the hilarious story from my friend Kamrin about their first trip to the pediatrician after her now 4 year old was born I had to post this.  She recounts that they didn’t even take a diaper bag to the doctor’s office and had to ask for a diaper when they got there.  I can imagine how that could happen with all of the craziness the first few days entail!

Our first trip to the pediatrician was when Everett was 4 days old.  I was just proud that we got there on time with a diaper bag – too bad it didn’t have anything we really needed (except diapers) and I didn’t know where I had put anything inside of it.  As E was peeing all over the examining table I was frantically looking in every pocket, pulling everything out to try to find whatever it was I was looking for.  That’s when I knew that I had to get a better system ASAP.




I came home immediately and Googled “What’s in a diaper bag” and went from there.  Since then, I have had great success with our trips out and about and am loving my diaper bag with only a one exception. 


  • cross body strap
  • the design, colors and stripes make it look like a stylish messenger bag instead of screaming “DIAPER BAG!”
  • no Velcro – My friend Leigh warned me against Velcro closures.  She said it never failed that as soon as her kids were asleep on the go, she would have to get something out of her diaper bag and the loud Velcro sound would wake them right up.  Fail.
  • insulated bottle pocket
  • I like that it’s not too too big.  The bigger the bag, the more stuff you take with you – not all of which you need.
  • The straps conveniently clip into our stroller hooks so it hangs nicely when “strolling”.


  • I ultimately wish there was another small pocket for me to keep my keys, phone and wallet so I didn’t have to throw them in the big front pocket where they get lost if I don’t want to carry my purse and diaper bag.


Here’s a look at my diaper bag:


Front pocket:


This is where I keep an extra change of clothes (onesie, pants, socks) as well as snacks for me.  So far I haven’t needed more than one change of clothes, but I could fit a couple more in there, which I’m sure will happen soon!




Inside the bag:





Center space:

In the middle of the large center compartment I have my changing pad and wipes case (both from Etsy).


I would definitely recommend a portable changing pad.  You never know where you’re going to have to change a diaper!




Small pocket #1:

DIAPERS!  I read somewhere that you should have 1 diaper for every hour you will be away from home.  I have 5 in there now just in case.  I don’t ever want to be without them!





Small pocket #2:

This pocket contains quite a few items, some of which I have used, others I haven’t…yet.


  • wet bag for wet/spit up clothes or even dirty diapers in a pinch(the one shown here is by Itsy Ritsy)
  • disposable diaper bags
  • pacifier in case
  • nose aspirator (bulb)
  • gas drops and dispenser
  • formula dispenser
  • hand sanitizer




Large Pocket:

The large pocket in the center compartment takes up one whole side of my diaper bag.  I keep an extra bib, burp cloth (made by my Nana Smile) and an extra blanket there.




Side pocket:

This side pocket has come in very handy.  It is insulated and great for breast milk in bottles or bottles with water ready to be mixed with formula.  I always have one ready and waiting with the water filled to the correct ounce line.  That way when you’re out and about you just pour in the powder and mix.  Quick and easy.




Other essentials (that I thought of after I took all of these pictures):

  • A cover if breastfeeding
  • Dreft stain fighting pen
  • Lip balm/Chap stick
  • Gum/breath mints (since many new moms don’t even have time to brush their teeth)
  • Hair tie/bobby pins/hair clip
  • I have heard recommendations from a lot of people to also have a change of clothes (at least shirt) for you, too (or maybe at the very least in the car).  Probably not such a bad idea!


Don’t forget to:

-Unload and restock your bag when you get home from an outing.  Take the dirty clothes and diapers out (if there wasn’t a convenient place to throw it away) and add new ones.

-When your precious baby outgrows a certain size in clothes or diapers don’t forget to switch out your diaper bag stash.  You wouldn’t want to have newborn clothes or diapers still in there for your 3 month old!  Yikes!

-Wash out the dirty bottles and refill any bottle water/formula right away.  You always want to have your diaper bag waiting on you, not the other way around.



I purchased my Babymel diaper bag from and highly recommend not only the diaper bag but the website.  Albee always seems to have great sales going on and shipped my diaper bag in 3 days with free shipping no less.  Score! 

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