May 4, 2012

Schmear It On

What a week!  I must say that I think the 4 months of early morning runs have officially caught up with me. I have been one tired girl the past couple of days.

Fashionable Friday will be back in full swing next week, although I am sort of digging my outfit's color combo today:

Until then, staying with the same color palate, here are some fun ideas for make your own flavored cream cheese.  You'll feel like you're at your favorite bagel shop any day of the week (for a lot less money).  Schmear it on!

Besides my go to favorite of Cinnamon Sugar Schmear in which I just add a few dashes of cinnamon and about 1T of Splenda Brown Sugar, here are some other recipes that sound delicious*.

*disclaimer:  I have adapted many of these recipes to my liking, but I haven't actually tested them all...yet.  I just wanted to share in case you were open to the flavors and wanted to experiment with me.  Proceed with caution :).

Remember, you can mix and match any flavors that sound good to your palate.  Just start with a room temperature (reduced fat) block of cream cheese, go crazy and get creative!

Yummy add ins:
  • canned or pureed fruit
  • jams, jellies, preserves
  • peanut butter (one of my faves mixed with cream cheese)
  • Nutella
  • applesauce
  • smashed banana

These spreads are great served atop bagels, toast, muffins or even on crackers.  Enjoy!

T  G  I  F!

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