May 23, 2012

Nice Job, Teach!

It's that time again...count down to summer time!!!

With only 3 1/2 more days of school left for my little bitties, I thought this would be a fun post for all you out there who are scrambling around asking yourself, "What should I get for Mrs. So-and-so."  Well, here's some help!

Parents and friends ask me all the time, "What do teachers really want for an end of the year gift?"  I know the things that I love, but I thought I would take a survey of the teachers at my own school to see what they had to say. 

"The best “bought” gift was when a parent asked and bought me my favorite perfume!  It wasn’t something I would just buy myself because it seemed to extravagant!"  -Mary Beth Hale

“I got a heavy-duty three-hole punch from a student about 10 years ago.  I still use it almost every day!” – Marcia Ochinero

“Cash!”  - Mary Anne Patchett

“I had a parent, who was a house cleaner, by profession. Came and cleaned my house.  (She even cleaned the refrigerator and gave the dog a bath!!!)“ - Mary Ellen Staley

“Easy for me to answer.  This year a family made a gift to a charity in my name.” – Marie Harrelson

And the #1 answer from teachers?  GIFT CARDS!

Let me just say that ANY gift is so very much appreciated by  a teacher, but here are some tips and ideas if you want to make it extra special.

-Get to know your teacher and what she/he likes and what their interests are – this make gift giving much easier in the long run.  Click here for a sample teacher questionnaire that can be sent home at the beginning of the school year.  I love filling these out!

-Ask the teacher if there are any “big ticket” items that are needed for the classroom (fridge, laminator, hole punch, industrial pencil sharpener, markers, supplies, etc) and see if all or a few parents want to go in together to buy something as a group.

-Anything personalized is always a sure bet!

Teacher gift ideas for any time of the year:

·         Money tree - with rolled up bills or gift cards attached.  Great idea for a class gift.

·         Cute office supplies/file folders/colored and patterned binder clips and paper clips/”nice” pair of scissors

·         Gum/peppermints

·         Patterned/monogrammed clip board

·         Classroom/personal books

·         Plants/Flowers for summer gardening
·         Manicure/pedicure

·         “School” bag or basket:  Vera Bradley, LL Bean Boat and Tote Bag, Bungalow 360 are my faves.

·         Personalized Book Labels

·       Personalized and Framed Teacher Prints – great ideas at

·         Handwritten notes of gratitude

·         Framed child art

·         Water bottles/Tervis Tumblers

·         Apron– great for cooking and art projects as well as cleaning while in the classroom.

·         Class scrapbook or “book” of letters from the children/your child

·         Candles

·         Hand soap for classroom or personal use.

·         Sauces/dips/bread mixes/jams/jellies/spices

·         Stationary/Thank You Cards: Teachers are always writing notes, Target Dollar Bin has a great selection!

·         Wine and drink mixes w/ Painted Wine Glass

Pinterest and Etsy are always great places to look for unique and adorable inspiration!  Happy Shopping!

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