March 21, 2016

Menu Monday

***Yaaaawwwwnnnn.  Howdy everybody!  I am kind of awake and reporting for my last two days of teaching duty until Spring Break starts on Wednesday.  Yipppeeeee!  

This weekend was full of yard sales, dumping trash, moving furniture and designing (the fun part) our newest project.  The aftermath, called Monday, is a rough one!

Because of all of the "stuff" left in our reno house we decided to rent a dumpster and have it on property instead of hauling loads and loads of trash to the actual dump.  It was an expensive decision, but has proven to be such a time saver.

Mike went up on Friday morning to meet the dumpster and get everything in order for our weekend full of activities.  After evaluating everything we had in the house, we decided to allocate this past weekend for a big yard sale to try to get rid of items while making a little bit of money to put back into the house.

While the yard sale was going on we were simultaneously emptying the shed in the back and uncovering lots of fun memories, like this old hat, sweet pictures of my grandparents, my grandfather's embalmer certification (he owned a funeral home in the 1950s) and...the best find of the weekend...gorgeous wood floors under all of the carpet!  Score!

We also met almost all of the neighbors this weekend and it was such a treat to hear all of the nice words they shared with us about my grandparents.  Memories like that make me want to fix this house up even more to make sure it has a great lasting legacy, just as they did.

After a long, but successful day Mike and I locked up shop and stopped for a beverage at the Bassmaster Elite Tournament at Riverfront Park in downtown Palatka (about 5 minutes from our reno project).  The festival vibe was in full swing and we had a blast enjoying a cold beer while watching the weigh-ins.  

The bass boats were gorgeous (Mike was drooling) and the fish were huge!  It was broadcast on ESPN 2 and we couldn't have been more stoked to see it up close and personal in little old Palatka.

After making it back to my mom's house we were reunited with our little ones and had a delicious dinner at my Aunt Janie's house (my mom, aunt/uncle/cousin, and Nana all live on the same property).  

We were so exhausted and it tasted so good.  We ended the meal with strawberry shortcake and called it a night - well, we did after the Badger basketball game of course (yay!)!

Sunday we were up bright and early and had the kiddos with us while my mom went to church.  There was NOOOO yard sale traffic on Sunday morning so we passed the time with a little tennis in the driveway.  

Our buddy in the bottom right corner of this picture was hilarious.  He was there on Saturday and bought tons of stuff and then came back Sunday to see what else we had uncovered.  He was even wearing the shoes he bought from us the day before!  He was a funny dude.

We were starting to get a little bummed since we still had SO.MUCH.STUFF to get rid of, but then it happened.  The motherload of shoppers showed up around noon and cleared out lots and lots of treasures!  

The best was this sweet couple that owned a resale shop that took all of the big furniture and offered to clear out my grandfather's workshop in the backyard AND take the stuff away for us...thank you Lord!  We ended up making enough money to cover the dumpster cost, which was awesome and unexpected.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.  Mike's dad and our nephew made their way down from Wisconsin for the week to help with the house and we are going great guns trying to make progress, work full time jobs, parent two precious kiddos and keep our eyes open.  

As for this week, it will be another crazy one.  We are home for part of it and then heading back up to Palatka for more work on the house, the Easter holiday and then probably staying the rest of my Spring Break to (hopefully) finish the project.  

Gransie's house is command central and we can't thank our families enough for the babysitting, meal cooking and overall support.  This endeavor is A LOT of work, but we are learning so much and making great memories along the way.

Here's our menu-

M:  Philly Cheesesteak Paninis w/ Broccoli
T:  Pasta e Fagiole
W:  Chopped Salad w/ Popcorn Chicken
Th: Palatka
F:  Palatka
Sa:  Palatka
Su:  Palatka

Have a restful Holy Week!

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