May 7, 2015

You go, girl!

Fun, flirty and feminine.  Those are the three words that have inspired me in planning our new nursery for our little GIRL.  It is still so surreal to say that!

One of my favorite things to do in planning stages is to make an inspiration/mood board to see how everything looks together.  I used Microsoft Publisher and Pic Monkey to make this one and am so proud of how it came out.

Details on each number are listed below.  Enjoy!

1.  Ikea Sundvik Crib

Luckily our timing has been pretty good when it comes to crib use.  Everett has been in his "toddler bed" (crib with the side down) for about 4 months now, so we feel like making the transition to a full size bed won't be as traumatic as if we were starting from scratch.  

Our goal in planning the new nursery was to use as much of our current furniture as we possibly could to eliminate extra costs now (a second set of nursery furniture) and down the road (two beds and bed frames).  Therefore, we are just switching the crib and the full-size bed we have in the guest room and are just having to purchase a full-size bed frame.  Our current bed frame is a gorgeous wicker frame that belonged to my great-grandparents.  It's a bit girly and will be used one day for our new little one.

We have gotten great use out of this crib with E and highly recommend it.  It's modern, inexpensive and has been very sturdy. Hopefully it will keep holding up with our new little lady!

The day after I found out we were having a girl my mom and I were lucky enough to find this awesome (really large) chevron wire basket at HomeGoods.  My initial thought was to use it for toy storage, but after more brainstorming, I am hoping to ask my Nana to make a fabric insert and turn this into a clothes hamper.  The coral color is spot on and I looooove how it looks in her room! 

3.  Paint Pen Walls - Inspiration via The Girl on the Go

Again, what would I do without Pinterest?  When I first started planning the nursery in my mind I was totally stuck on NOT painting the walls (painting the stripes in E's room was quite a task) and just using some gold decals from on an accent wall.  And then I found this...

...drawing a personal design on the wall with, you guessed it, paint pens!  Brilliant!  Not only does this look more organic, it's also way cheaper!  I am getting the paint pen today and I can't wait to get started.  I might even mirror the design on the inside of the closet...details and pics to come.

4.  Petite Gold Wall Burst Decor - Pier 1 Imports

During my mom's shopping spree last weekend at Pier 1 Imports she said, "Find something for your little girl!"  I found this adorable sun burst mirror that will be the perfect accent in sparkly gold.  I also found #9 on my list as well.  More on that below.

5.  Canvas Wall Art - Hobby Lobby

One of my favorite childhood books is Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.  

I have a framed quote/picture from the book that I just had to have for Everett's room when planning his nursery and I almost jumped up and down when I saw this more feminine canvas (below) at Hobby Lobby in white and gold for the new nursery.  I was/am so excited to have another quote for this little kiddo!

Everett's artwork in his room from Where the Wild Things Are

6.  Drift Wood Mobile - Inspiration via Reba Stewart

I have always loved driftwood.  You can imagine my excitement when we were vising Door County over Spring Break in Wisconsin as I walked along the shore of Green Bay to find ACTUAL, REAL driftwood!  I couldn't believe it!  

I had only ever seen it in stores and was sooooo stoked to pick some up and bring a few pieces home with us.  I said from the beginning that I wanted it for the new nursery, but I wasn't quite sure for what.  

After doing a little bit of research, I think I am going to break apart some of the bigger pieces and make a mobile.  I might even spray paint some of the pieces gold for that unexpected flair.  

Can I just say how much I love Target and stripes?  This crib sheet was one of our initial purchases and I can't wait to put it on the crib mattress.  It's perfect to add some of the navy and white accents that I want to use.

8. Initial Bookcase - Inspiration via Project Nursery,  Ginger and the Huth and Home Stories A to Z.

Since Mike made an AWESOME bookshelf for Everett, as soon as I found out I was pregnant I began thinking about what he could do for our new one.  I saw a few pics online and fell in love with the idea of an initial bookcase.  I have the perfect spot in the nursery and once we figure out the name (which won't be for a while) we (he) can get started!

This little jewel below also came from Pier 1 and I love it.  I can't wait to hang pics from the mini clothes pins and I figured out that it is a great hair clip holder.  We got a few as gifts when we found out it was a girl and they just clip right on to the metal.  It's perfect and super cute!

These curtains were a must have the first time I saw them.  The coral color is right on (exactly the same coral as in the chevron metal basket) and the design is funky yet feminine.  I already have them hanging in the nursery and they look great next to the mint walls.  Score!

11. & 12.  Wicker Dresser and Round Mirror

We are recycling the mirror and dresser/changing table from Everett's nursery.  The wicker dresser is a piece that goes with the wicker bed frame that I mentioned above.  We painted it gray to match the crib and it will be perfect in the new nursery.

13. Gold and White Zebra Print Fabric - Hobby Lobby

My Nana, who is the most amazing seamstress, made floor pillows for E's room before he was born (below).  Well, let me tell you,  they were the best things in the world to have in there when he was a newborn and we were DOG TIRED, and we still use them almost every single night when we read stories before bed.

So, Nana is going to make another batch for the new nursery.  I found this fun gold and white fabric from Hobby Lobby for the larger pillow and am still on the search for the perfect fabric for the smaller one.  Stay tuned!

14.  Monogrammed Wood Slice - Inspiration via KatyGirlGoods on Etsy

I love monograms.  When I saw this one I fell in love and immediately thought, "I can make that."  This will tie in well to the driftwood mobile and add a little bit of a nature-y flair.  My mom gave me an old wood cutting board that my great grandfather made out of a tree trunk decades ago to use as the wooden base for this project.  Such a neat way to incorporate family heirlooms into new spaces.

15.  Ikat Blue and White Fabric -

I haven't ordered this fabric yet, but this is the look I have envisioned when I think of recovering (another Nana project) our Ikea Poang chair.  I think it will look brand new and add a pop of fun to the nursery.

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