May 27, 2015

Menu Wednesday

What.a.weekend.  If I had one word to explain the events that took place around our house it would be a simple four letter word....

My mom came down on Friday in preparation for "The Great Room Swap" that we had been gearing up for for a few weeks.  The plan was to switch the crib and dresser into the new nursery, while purchasing a new dresser and full size bed frame for Everett's room.

Well, that all happened...and more!

We ended up taking two cars, one for humans and the other for boxes.  We pretty much stuck to our list and were happy all of our boxes fit in our SUV, it was a close one.

Everett was a champ during our shopping spree (including an in-store nap) and wanted to get in on the building action once we got home.  He was so cute with his tools!

Not a bad helper!

Saturday we got a storage unit built for my mom, a craft storage unit built for me (see above) and Everett's new bedside table assembled.

Sunday was spent actually cleaning out and moving the furniture, followed by the assembly of Everett's new 8-drawer dresser and full size bed frame with drawers.  They weren't hard, just time consuming.  

Mike and I finished juuuust before bedtime.  Thank goodness Gransie was there to play with, feed and bathe the little dude while we were busy building what felt like a million drawers.

The room came together sooooooo well, despite a minor...ok major... pregnancy hormone meltdown, and now I love it.  More on the meltdown and design changes in an upcoming design post.  Until then, here is a quick peek at the big changes in the room.

We still have a little rearranging to do regarding wall art and we are actually putting a TV in the room this weekend.  Since this is now our primary guest room for both grandmas, they requested a TV since they had one in the other room.  Ask and they shall receive.  

We also got the new nursery up and running with a new closet fixture (again, more on that coming up in my design post) and we put the decals on the wall - which I am in love with.  It's coming together so well and I can't wait to put in more of the finishing touches.

As for Mike and E, I think if they don't go shopping for a really, really long time they will be happy.  The poor dude got pretty good at napping in carts.

Day 1:  Ikea

Day 2:  HomeGoods

This week we are still cleaning up, moving things around, getting ready for a garage sale and trying to survive the last week of school.  Although in survival mode, we do have a yummy menu - check it out!

M:  Cheese Ravioli w/ Broccoli
T:  Meatball Baked Potatoes
W:  Black Bean Soup w/ Yellow Rice
Th:  Steak & Gorgonzola Pizza
F:  Chicken Cordon Blue w/ Wild Rice and Roasted Carrots
Sa:  Leftovers
Su:  Grilled Wings w/ Chopped Salad

Have a great week!

Already a precious big bro.

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