May 20, 2015

Dollar Decor - ABC

It's no secret that I LOOOOOVE the Target Dollar Bin.  It's by far one of my favorite places to find unexpected treasures.  Sometimes it can be hit or miss, but last weekend it was definitely a hit out of the park!  

Since each Target has different selections in their dollar bin area I always stop to look when I am in a "new to me" Target.  Last weekend I was shopping with my friend Jenny and we were in a random Target on the other side of town from both of us, when I came across a package of gold adhesive letters.

Since gold is one of my accent colors in the new nursery I was so excited and didn't quite know what I wanted to do with them, but knew I had to have them; after all, they were only $1.

Once home I played around with what I wanted to do.  Did I want to save them and make a creation with the baby's name (when we finally choose it), put the letters directly on the wall, or even use it on the door somehow.  Then, it hit me, a canvas!

I had a spare 8 x 8 canvas lying around and was hoping it would be the perfect size to fit all 26 letters and use the final result as a piece of art to hang in the new nursery.  I placed all of the letters with the backing still on and moved them around until I was happy with the spacing and sequencing and then just started peeling and sticking.

*Tip:  For each row I peeled the first letter and last letter of the row and adhered them first, then filled in the middle letters to make sure the spacing was consistent.

The whole project took me about 10 minutes (after fiddling with the letters) and it looks like I spent $30 at Hobby Lobby.  I am so excited and can't wait to get it on the wall!

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