March 23, 2015

Menu Monday

What.a.weekend!  If you thought last weekend was jam-packed (which I did) this weekend was that and more.   Our original plan for the weekend a while back was to go camping.  My mom had been planning on coming down to watch E (twist her arm) anyway, and we just thought we would have a low key weekend visiting, shopping and watching March Madness since our camping plans fell through.  Well, we did do all of that, and much, much more.  

Saturday we started with breakfast at Panera and a trip to Lake Meadow Naturals in Ocoee to gather eggs for the week.  It's such a quaint little place and we love to take E every once in a while to experience farm life  - even if just for a quick trip to the hen house.  My mom had never been, and I was so excited to show her around.

The hens were up and at 'em and Everett had a blast as usual.  My mom didn't love the hens pecking at her toes; although it probably didn't help that we both had on flip flops...oops.  Everett gathered each egg and was so gentle and counted each one as he put each one in the carton.

After getting our dozen, we headed back to the farm store for some shopping and free samples.  E always gets a piece of cheese and I always try a sample of their homemade Greek yogurt topped with Strawberry-Rhubarb preserves.  Yum!

The afternoon proved to be so much fun, as usual, with our friends Lynn and Tuller.  They ended up with free (really good) tickets to watch our new MLS team, Orlando City Soccer play at the Citrus Bowl on Saturday night so we headed to their house in the afternoon to cookout before making our way to the game.  The weather was perfect and the food was simple and delish - salsa and humus, burgers, hot dogs, salad and apple crisp a la mode for dessert.  So good.

Once at the stadium we found free parking and had GREAT seats. I love it when a plan comes together!  The vibe at the stadium was awesome - everybody was so excited and into it; however, the outcome could have been better.  We lost in the last seconds of extended time, but it was a spectacular showing for our city.  We all had a blast!

And please don't think for a second that while we were having fun Everett and Gransie were just sitting around.  Nope.  They had an afternoon date with my former 4th grade teacher on her land near Eustis to meet Caldwell the goat.  According to Gransie, E loved it and kept laughing at Caldwell saying, "the goat is crying!" (or at least that's what he thought Caldwell sounded like).

Sunday started out as a normal, lazy day with yummy homemade Blueberry French Toast (made with our farm fresh eggs) and cartoons.  Again, we were planning on lounging, packing for our upcoming trip to Wisconsin and watching more basketball.  

Well, that was until we got a call again from Lynn and Tuller saying that this time they had free tickets to go watch the Tampa Bay Lightning take the ice against the Boston Bruins in Tampa.  So, after asking Gransie if she minded watching the little guy one more night (again, twisting her arm) we were in.  We made a quick change and headed out for our second professional sporting event within 24 hours.  No rest for the weary!!!

Before heading to the arena we made a quick stop at the Taco Bus.  I have seen this place many times on the Food Network and was so excited to try it!  

We didn't have much time before the game, so after inhaling our yummy food at the Brandon location we made a beeline for the Amalie Arena.  Luckily, our tickets included a parking pass and we parked right next to the venue and arrived inside just after the national anthem.  

We ended up with Club Seats, which were pretty fancy and better yet - cushioned!  We felt like celebs and had the perfect view for a great game.  The "Bolts" ended up winning 5-3 in front of a packed house.  I didn't grow up watching a lot of hockey, but I must say, it's so fun! 

Real lightning right above us!!!

After the game we headed to the Bud Light Party Deck to hang with Tuller's dad and his friend before making the trip home.  It was a gorgeous night to be outside and we were so thankful that all the stars aligned so that we could make the trip.

As for this week, we are wrapping things up at work/school and getting ready to head north to visit our Wisconsin family over Easter Break.  We were planning to leave Friday after work, but got a very sad call on Sunday morning that Mike's grandfather, Art, had passed away.  Now we are trying to make the appropriate plans to leave a little bit early to make it up for the funeral.  Please keep our family in your prayers.  Grandpa Art was such a kind-hearted man and we're so glad that Everett had a chance to be with him this summer.

As for the menu, here's what is on tap until we leave.  

M:  French Onion Soup *new recipe!
T:  Hawaiian Pizza w/ Caesar Salad
W:  Leave for Wisco?  If not, Steak w/ Twice Baked Potatoes and Broccoli 
Th:  Leave for Wisco?  If not, leftovers.

Have a great week!

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