March 6, 2015

FF–Mixing Metals

“Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.”
-Author Unknown

The inspiration for this post actually comes from my love of my engagement rings/wedding bang trio.  I still, everyday, look down at my hand and smile.  I love it.


So here’s the story, when Mike and I had been dating for a little while, my now sister-in-law Sara (Mike’s brother’s wife) asked me what I would want for an engagement/wedding ring.  Her family owns a jewelry store and I totally thought Mike put her up to asking me – come to find out he hadn’t, she just loves to talk about jewelry and wanted to know.
So, I remember this like it was yesterday, we were in a bar and I was trying to talk over loud music and describe my perfect vision.  I knew I wanted something flat and I knew I wanted two-toned.  I wanted to have the choice of wearing yellow gold or white gold/silver whenever I wanted and not have to worry about clashing with my wedding rings (I have noticed that in general, most people are either yellow gold or white gold people, not both…at the same time). 
Well, she heard my vision perfectly and when Mike actually did talk to his family about proposing he said, “…I have nooooo idea what kind of ring she would want.”  Luckily, Sara said, “I DO!!!  She told me all about it!”  And the rest, they say is history (Thanks Sara!).
Since having my two toned wedding rings, I have actually gotten more bold with mixing metals consistently and usually have each color on every day in different combinations.  I think it’s fun, flirty and non-committal.  It makes jewelry buying easier too, because anything goes!  Be bold – and enjoy!


Inspiration via Pinterest:

Stella and Dot – I have this one and LOVE IT!





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