September 4, 2012

Tipsy Tuesday


Hi all!

I know I promised a full recap of our weekend today, but you’ll have to wait just one more day to find out about our adventures (a nap called my name when we got home instead of blogging)!

I do have a great cleaning tip to share with you today instead.

Saturday night as we were all gathered around the patio table playing a board/card game I accidentally knocked over a glass of red wine that was near me.  Thankfully it wasn’t that full, but half of it spilled on the table and the other half dripped onto the light colored carpet that was beneath us.




Now, knowing that red wine is not the easiest thing to get out, a few of us were thinking the worst.  Then, one of the guys piped up and asked if the other glass of wine on the table was white wine.  We looked at him a little funny and he said to pour it over the red wine.  He said he used to be a bartender (I think; if I remember correctly) and that it would take the red wine right out of the carpet.

Hesitantly we did it and it was just like a magic trick!  The red wine came right up and we just dabbed the spot with a dry towel.  No stain at all; and a bunch of happy people (especially me!).

This is a great tip to keep in the back of your mind – especially for wine lovers!

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  1. I can't believe I'm married to that guy and this was the first time I had ever heard of that trick! Have we really not spilled red wine before that this never came up?? I find that hard to believe!

    Hope you enjoyed your stay - we had a blast with all of you! xo