September 3, 2012

Menu Monday


Happy Labor Day!  We are finishing up our stay in Palm Beach and heading back to Orlando soon, but hopefully we still have time for a few more funsies.




A full recap is coming tomorrow, but I will give you a sneak peak at the new Cox Family Regatta Champs:  the boys. 

Although the girls gave it a valiant effort in defending their title (with Mrs. Cox filling in for me this year) the boys actually won fair and square.  Finished off by a champagne toast.




Because we hate to lose; we have already started training for next year.




As for the menu; since I had quite a few people at my disposal for ideas I asked the crew this morning for input.  Here the suggestions-

  • Turtle Fritters
  • Tuna Fish Spaghetti
  • Hot Dog Casserole
  • Marinated Beef Tips and Peanut Butter
  • Jelly Stuffed Duck
  • Lizard Stew

Even though all of those options sound delicious, I think we’re going to settle on this menu:


M:  Broccoli Cheddar Soup

T:  Shredded Chicken Tacos w/ Black Beans and Yellow Ric

W:  Shepherd’s Pie

Th:  Chicken and Wine Bake w/ Wild Rice and Roasted Carrots

F:  Sweet and Spicy Wings w/ Potato Wedges

Sa:  Palatka

Su:  Palatka

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