September 24, 2012

Menu Monday

 Happy Monday everybody!

We had a very low key, yet eventful weekend of football, painting and more football.  Our original plan was to go to Gainesville this weekend to watch the Gators demolish Kentucky (sorry Jill!), but we opted to stay home and save a little bit of moolah; so we headed to a watching party at Jenny and Jeremy's house - the go-to party house.

After the early games, we were starving and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for the late night games which included the Auburn/LSU game - only for a fellow SEC friend would I ever wear another shirt (and of course Wisconsin) - but Mike and I decided to be festive and support Jenny (and Auburn).

At least it's still orange and blue!


Lots of wings!


Sunday was spent shopping for maternity clothes - which was very successful this time around (the last time not so much) and then headed to Home Depot for some paint!


In order to start the nursery (so excited!) we had to paint our "new" guest bedroom before we could clear out the furniture in the what-will-become nursery.  I was so excited to start getting thigns checked off of our list!


The "blue" guest room before:


And the after - a nice coat of Southern Breeze.  I can't wait to move the furniture in tonight and see how it all comes together!

Then, all the focus goes into the nursery - whooohoooo!!!

As for the food plan for this week - lots of comfort food!

M:  Turkey and Ham Paninis w/ Pasta Salad
T:  Teriyaki Chicken Kebabs w/ Pad Thai
W:  Pot Roast w/ Carrots and Roasted Potatoes
Th:  Brocolli Cheddar Soup
F:  Creamy Veggie Pasta w/ Black Beans
Sa:  Eggs in Purgatory w/ Crusty Bread
Su:  Pesto Lasagna with Salad

Have a great week!

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