July 20, 2012

Have your cake, and eat it too!




Happy Friday everyone! 

I wanted to share a website that I recently found, courtesy of Mike, that is a great resource when dealing with anything health related.

Florida Hospital’s website, www.Healthy100.org, has great articles on everything from upcoming health events/classes, healthy recipes, portion size, super foods, healthy eating tips and everything in between.  It is a simple, yet informative website helping to deliver health news to keep people living to be a healthy 100 years of age (hence the name).

I found the following information particularly interesting when it comes to making healthy switches in your baked goods.  Besides my usual repertoire of using reduced fat items (if available) and throwing in fresh or dried fruits and nuts for an extra nutritional boost, these tips seem very do-able without taking away any of the flavor.

I can’t wait to try a few out!


Tips to Lighten Up Your Baking (courtesy of healthy100.org)

--Boost the fiber in pancakes, muffins and quick breads by adding ground flax seed.

--Add healthy whole grains to your diet by substituting 1/3 cup of bran or whole-wheat flour for 2/3 cup of all-purpose flour.

--Reduce sugar by ¼ to 1/3 in baked goods and desserts. For example, if a recipe calls for 1 cup, use 2/3 cup. Add cinnamon, vanilla or almond extract to create sweetness. Tip: Do not eliminate all sugar in yeast breads because sugar works with the yeast to make the bread rise.

--Replace half of a recipe's high-fat ingredients, such as butter, margarine, sour cream, heavy cream, chocolate, oil and shortening with mashed ripe bananas or puréed prunes. 

--Instead of using one whole egg, try ¼ cup fat-free, cholesterol-free egg substitute, or two egg whites.

--Swap one cup of oil for one cup of unsweetened applesauce.

--Trade one tablespoon of margarine with three tablespoons of ground flax seed.

--Substitute one cup of sour cream with one cup of plain yogurt.

--Exchange one ounce of chocolate with three tablespoons of cocoa.

--Replace one cup of heavy cream with one cup of evaporated skim milk.




Have a great and healthy weekend!

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