May 1, 2020

Quarantine Inspired Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Quarantine living has changed all of us in many ways, but what I didn't realize is how not only our needs have changed, but also maybe our wants.  

I can tell you that half of these items would never have been on my Mother's Day wish list before this whole "stay at home order" was put in place.  Now I am interested in all kinds of things that I might not have been. 

Read on to see my "quarantine inspired" Mother's Day Gift Guide!

For the Green Thumb:
Now that I have had a lot more time to spend on my indoor plants and taking care of my outdoor yard, I am more than excited about gardening.  I mean, who am I?

  • Gardening Tools - New shears and a weeding tool will feel like Christmas morning to the female gardener in your life!

For the Self Pamperer:

  • Gel Nail Manicure Kit -I have never really been one to get my nails done, but by golly, I may get into it!  
  • Waxing Kit - My eyebrows have officially reached caterpillar status and I am in need of a good brow wax ASAP.  This kit could be my knight in shining armor.


For the Foodie:

  • Dinner Bell - Since we have moved into a pretty close knit neighborhood, my kids play outside all day everyday.  I have joked about needing a dinner bell to let them know when to come inside, but now it's not a joke...I really do need one!
  • Chop Sticks - Practice your skills at home with these fun chopsticks that can be used with any meal.  This is great fine motor practice for your littles, too.
  • Take out! - Order me sushi and tell me I don't have to cook?  One happy momma!


For the DIYer -

  • Complete a project- Take one of the items on her "Honey Do" list, or peruse her Pinterest account and pick one of her DIY projects and work on it together.  An elevated garden bed, board and batten in the bathroom, new containers for the front porch...pick one and complete it together.  Her heart will be bursting with pride!

This is definitely on my list!

For the Lifelong Learner-

  • Books - A gift card for books (physical or e-books) is a great idea.  With lots of time at home there are many more opportunities to read whether it's self help, summer romances, adult coloring books or even new hobbies.  Books are always a great choice...but always let her choose.

  • Puzzles - Yet another thing I have never liked until now...puzzles!  What I once found as a daunting task has now turned into a fun challenge.  Bring on the jigsaws!

For the Nature Lover-

  • Birkenstocks - Nothing says "I love nature" like a new pair of Birks!  I haven't a pair in a long time (they were my middle/high school staple) but I can hear them calling my name.
  • First Aid Kit - Now that my kids are outside all the time, they are also getting allllll scraped up.  Falling off of bikes, scooters or even while walking/running in our neighborhood has led to many, many band aids being used up.  A cute first-aid kit is always a great idea!
  • Birds, birds and more birds!  Now that we are home to enjoy our backyard and many walks during the day, we have become bird watchers.  The kids are as into it as I am and we are loving learning the names to many new-to-us birds in our area.  This Birds of North America Poster is gorgeous, and a new bird feeder with bird seed would be a great choice as well.

For the Fitnessista-

  • Running shoes - I have been getting up a little earlier and taking walks/runs by myself since the day entails lots of being a mom/teacher/mom/teacher/wife.  I have loved this alone time and am even more excited about the new shoes to go with it!

  • Workout gear - I'm a firm believer that if you feel good in your workout gear you will work harder, run longer and sweat more.  Feeling good being comfortable is half of the battle!

For the Penny Pincher-

  • Chores - Clean the house, do the dishes, give a 10 minute back rub or just write her a sweet note.  The mom in your life will love one or all of these!


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