April 27, 2020

House to Home - Sponge Painting

Yes, you heard me...sponge painting.  Keep reading to see what free upgrade we made to our laundry room over the weekend!

Before you get worried...let's be clear.  I don't mean this type of 1980s sponge painting. 

 That, my friends, is like my worst nightmare.

Now that I have all this time on my hands (kind of) and there are no sports to watch, I am glued to HGTV and Pinterest looking for all sorts of fun house inspiration.  I have been thinking of adding some "umpf" to our laundry room walls for a while now and I just couldn't seem to decide what direction to take.

I have gone back and forth between tiling a fun backsplash to using vinyl peel and stick tiles on the wall to stenciling.  The only problem is that I really didn't want to spend any money doing it (spoiler alert...we have a REALLY big house project starting this week that a lot of funds are going towards, more to follow and yes, I'm soooo excited!!!).

So this weekend I hopped on Pinterest and just started looking around and found some fun inspiration pics of hand painted/sponge painted walls.  Seeing the pics got me so excited.  Here are some of my favorite inspirations below:

After looking around my house and realizing that I had paint in our garage and clean sponges in my pantry, I opted to follow this sponge painting tutorial from The Gregory Home blog.

Photo:  The Gregory Home

It looked easy, fast and so darn adorable.  I was a little worried that my lines wouldn't be as straight as hers, but I just sort of jumped in and went for it.

Supplies:  Paint and new Ocelo Sponge

Here is our before picture.  We added board and batten to the room back in November (you can read that post here), but I just felt like it needed a little more visual interest.

After I started sponge painting I got in a good groove and had the first set stamps down quickly, although they were much straighter than I anticipated, I didn't love how light and spongy it looked.

I quickly decided I wanted the lines a little bit darker and grabbed a small paintbrush and simply painted over my sponge line for a thicker, more defined look.

It took just a little bit more time (be sure to go back and check for dripping), but I love the outcome and I'm so glad I used the sponge first to help me keep my lines straight and uniform.

I added a big framed picture we had hanging upstairs in our bedroom for a finishing touch and in about 2 hours we had a fun and flirty transformed laundry room that cost us $0.

One thing I have learned during this quarantine time is that you have to love where you live.  I now smile every time I walk in this room to do laundry.  

Little changes can make a big impact!

I even got a shout out on Instagram from The Gregory Home about the results...how fun is that!?!

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