March 9, 2020

Weekend Update

No sports, awesome weather and reduced pricing??? Yep - we headed to the mountains this weekend for our last ski session of the season and had a blast.  Keep reading to see what we were up to!

Have I mentioned that it is amazing to be 1.5-2 hours away from the mountains?  We have loved having them and all that they offer at our fingertips and see lots and lots of skiing in our future.

Previously this winter we have skied at Beech Mountain Resort and Appalachian Ski Resort, in NC, and once in Wisconsin.  With an amazing weather report and reduced "March Madness" pricing, we thought it would only be fair to ski the third of the resorts to see what it had to offer.

Originally we were going to head up to Sugar Mountain for night skiing on Friday night, but with a high of 28 and snowy, very windy roads, we opted for half day skiing on Saturday.  And, based on the crowds, so did everyone else.  Lol.

I plan to do a round up of all three ski resorts with all of the pros/cons for each in the coming days, but for now I can tell you that Sugar was my least favorite resort in the check in/organization department.  However, once we were on the slopes, it definitely got better (minus the snowblowers hitting us in the face all day).

Everett was up and at 'em right out of the gate and is turning into quite a good beginner.  I mean, he's already braver and faster than me, which isn't saying too much, but he has impressed the pants off of me so far.

Hilty needed a few runs down the bunny hill and Mike and I switched off with her.  She seemed to remember quickly how skiing felt and then even began stopping by herself and gaining more and more control independently.  I mean, it is only her second time!

After taking turns with each kiddo, and being split most of the day, Mike said, "Let's go to the top!".   He had taken Everett up twice already but I was a little apprehensive, as always, and he was quite confident, as always, and we ended up going to the top...with Hitly.  The VERY TOP.  All 4 of us.  

The jitters hit when I saw the incline on the chair lift to get up there, but once we were up there the view was amazing.  We stayed on the blues and he strapped Hilty to him.  She did fantastic and I went down with E - super impressive.  It was steep for me and he handled it like a pro!

We ended up going to the top twice, all 4 of us, and Everett and Mike did it 4 times.  I will say, it is so cool to be able to ski with your kids.  Mike just beams when he and E get on the lift to head up.  It's awesome.

On the way to the top!

The half day skiing is from 12:30-4:30 pm and then the slopes close down until night skiing begins at 6pm.  I have to say, although crowded, it was nice to ski in daylight with warmer temps (35 degrees) and to be able to get home at a decent time.

We celebrated a great day on the slopes with beer and ice cream sandwiches.  The perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Sunday was a chill day at home which we all needed.  After mass we got a few things checked off our to-do list at home and then ended the day with a fire.  We finally got the pieces of our Christmas tree burned (hence the huge fire below) and ate dinner outside.  

We even had time for s'mores with the neighbors.

This week looks pretty low key with a fun Saturday at the Whitewater Center watching Mike run the Color Me Green 5K, and hopefully drinking some green beverages.

M:  Chopped Chicken Salad
T:  Steak Fajitas and Yellow Rice
W:   Chicken Marsala w/ Broccoli and Brown Rice
Th:  Pasta Fagiole
F:  Turkey Cranberry Paninis w/ Carrots and Chips
Sa:  Parent's Night Out/Leftovers
Su:  Grilled Chicken Sandwiches and Fries

Have a great week!

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