March 2, 2020

To Florida and Back

We turned 3 days into a whirl wind trip back to Flo-rida packed full of visits and activities and we still didn't see a lot of our friends.  

If we missed you this trip, we will certainly be back soon!

We hadn't really planned on taking a trip back to the motherland until summertime, but things sort of fell into place and we jumped at the chance to visit the fam and a few friends.

The original plan was for Mike to drive down by himself to go to his annual guys golfing weekend in Homosassa Springs.  He was going to make the trek alone and surprise some of the guys.

Well, that turned into, "Why don't we go down with you and you just drop us off at my mom's house and then pick us up on Sunday!"  He agreed, probably to have some help driving (!) and we headed out EARLY Friday morning and arrived in Gainesville by 10:45 am.  My mom met us for brunch, we switched cars and the whirlwind weekend began!

Friday was spent with the family getting Starbucks with Gransie, riding in the country with Aunt Janie and we finished up with a family pizza night.  

Saturday we spent lunch visiting with friends over a big pot of chili in East Palatka that ended with a dessert expedition to Dairy Queen.  Poppa Bill always spoils my kiddos with ice cream!

Saturday night we made a super quick surprise trip to New Smyrna Beach to see some of our other faves for dinner and a look at the new beach house Air B&B that they are in the process of renovating.  It is amazing and I can't wait to see the finished product so we can come back and stay!!!

Soooo nice to see the beach again, if only for 10 minutes!

We ate at the cutest place near by - Izzy's Island Tacos and Ice Cream.  It was adorable and so good!  Ice cream #2 for the day was eaten by the fire pits.  The. Best.

Sunday we packed everything up and headed to Gainesville for one last thing ... Gator Softball!  Anytime I know we will be in a college town (usually Gainesville or Madison, WI) I immediately search for games to go to - whatever sport is in season.

There were both baseball and softball games happening on Sunday, but since my kids have already been to a Gator baseball game, we opted for softball.  The new stadium is gorgeous and everything is so family friendly.

Although the Gators didn't win, the weather was perfect and the kids had a great time.  They even got to run the bases and get an autographed poster after the game.

We met Mike for an early dinner, said goodbye to Gransie and then made the trek home.  We are dragging today, but have sleepy smiles on our faces.  We are so happy to call NC home, but love going to back to the sunshine state to see our favorite people.

This week will be for catching up on sleep and eating yummy food!
Have a good one!
M (Cub Scouts):  Sweet and Sour Chicken w/ Fried Rice and Corn on the Cob

T (E - Soccer Draft): Brinner - Monkey Bread w/ Veggie Omelets and Sausage

W: Steak Fajita Baked Potatoes

Th (PTO Meeting):  Chili Mac

F (Skiing?):  Chopped Cobb Salad / Leftovers

Sa:  Campfire Dinner - French Bread Pizza / Grilled Hot Dogs

Su:  Chicken Marsala w/ Green Beans

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