March 27, 2017

Menu Monday

Basketball, baby showers and the beach...oh, my!  

Man, what a weekend filled with lots of family time.  Read on to see what we were up to.

Friday night was spent putting up our new bed (pics down below) and watching basketball.  It's still a pretty sore subject, but let's just say that the girls in the house were a little bit happier than the boys on Saturday morning.  :)

Saturday, Hilty and I headed to St. Augustine and left the boys at home to recover.  We were honored to celebrate my sweet cousin and as wife as they are getting ready to welcome their first baby!  Sweet Artesa is already so loved and we had a blast getting girly and playing with all things baby.  Congrats Chase and Ella, we can't wait to meet your sweet girl!

Hilty even wore her hair down all day long.  I don't know if that has ever happened!

Sunday morning we had another road trip planned, but this one included all 5 of us (Wisco came, too).  Our family from Wisconsin is staying in Treasure Island for much of the week and we jumped at the opportunity to head over for a day of fun in the sun.

The weather was gorgeous and we had a blast watching all of the cousins play together.  We are super excited that they are actually making their way to Orlando for the latter part of the week to spend some time at our house!  Woohoo!

This week is packed with fun and I am definitely starting the countdown to our spring break...only 2.5 more weeks...but who's counting.  Until then, here's what we are eating -

M:  Crispy  Chopped Chicken Salad
T:  Shepherd's Pie w/ Roasted Carrots
W:  Grilled Chicken and Veggies w/ Baked Potatoes 
Th:  Lasagna w/  Salad and Bread sticks
F:  Tomato Pesto Pizza 
Sa:  Movie Night with The Tullers!
Su:  Sausage Bean Soup w/ Wild Rice

P.S. - Our new king bed frame came in and it is glorious!  More on our master bedroom transformation to come, but until then here is a sneak peak! ---and yes, I did buy king sized pillows after taking this picture, our old pillows looked like little babies on this big bed!

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