June 19, 2015

The Great Room Swap - Everett's Funky Digs

I can honestly say that I LOVE decorating nurseries and toddler rooms (I would probably love tween/teen as well, but haven't gotten to that point...yet).  I love not having a theme and figuring out ways to use pieces of furniture that can grow with them and last for years and years.

Below was my initial inspiration board when we were deciding what to do for Everett's big boy room.  I can honestly say that after a pretty big meltdown regarding the duvet change (I'm sure pregnancy hormones didn't help the situation), I have come to love his room even more than I initially did.  In fact, I really want to move in to his room...it is that cool.  Honestly.

We ended up changing a few of the "planned" purchases while we were actually doing the shopping at Ikea.  We switched from the Malm bed to the Brusali Brown bed.  It turned out to be lower in height, didn't have a platform on the side and even included under bed storage for a better price.  The only bummer (at the time) for me was that it only came in brown.  My mind was kind of set on white, but I couldn't pass up the price so we went with it.  Now, I love the contrast it brings to the room!

Under bed storage (pictured above)

The other switch that happened during shopping day was the duvet selection.  I had my heart set on the orange and white stripe (below, left) and was putting it in our cart.  That was about the same time that Mike looked at me and said, "Hold on, he's getting a blue dresser and orange duvet...ummm, no."  

The Badger in him just couldn't hold back (usually he doesn't care and lets me decorate however I want) and even though the Gator in me fought back pretty hard, saying it wasn't a "Gator" room, he ultimately won and we chose a more neutral black and white duvet.

Once it was all put together in the room I just wasn't feeling the new duvet choice (initially).  I hated the way it looked next to Everett's navy and white curtains and I just couldn't shake it. Everything else looked great, but every time I walked in his room I cringed.

I cried, got frustrated and ultimately wanted my way.  I had put so much effort into planning the design that I wanted to go back and get a different duvet cover...like right at that moment.  Mike being Mike didn't give in (which drives me crazy, but usually leads to better outcomes) suggested that I should maybe look for different curtains instead of a different duvet. Ultimately that's what I did and was so happy in the end (just don't tell him that ;)).

After a quick trip to Target and some inexpensive (shorter) curtains, I was a happy camper.  Can we just note however, that my initial orange/white duvet with blue dresser quickly turned into red curtains with a black/white duvet...can you say Badger room?!?!  Sneaky guy.

We also ended up purchasing the side table that matched his new Hemnes dresser.  We were originally going to use a white side table that we already had, but realized it was too tall.  This little guy looks great and I'm so glad we added this to our list!

The drawers are even lined (like the dresser) and the top drawer has this cute little double-decker feature.  Love!

So, with all of that background knowledge, I would love to unveil the finished product.  Everett loves his room and is doing so well in his big bed.   Mike and I both love it as well and enjoy hanging out and reading stories in there every night.

We left the low red mirror and owl hooks (3) where they were when we had the crib in the room and added everything else; most of which we had other places in the house and just moved the location to his room.

I made the number garland above the TV out of scrapbook paper and we purchased the both the Smart TV (Best Buy) and sconces (Hobby Lobby).  I was originally thinking of putting the sconces on either side of his USA cutout above his bed, but after seeing the space, it seemed more reasonable to add them to the TV wall and it looks spectacular.  The colors are perfect and the distressed chevron is my favorite.

To the right of the TV we added a cool Lambeau Field painting that I had actually given Mike as a birthday present a couple of years ago accompanied by a very cool cardboard elephant bust.  I found the elephant at JoAnn's and with a coupon only paid about $10.  I put it together and Mike spray painted it yellow.  

I also just relocated this Ikea lamp, below, and picture frame (with scrapbook paper used as the matting) to his dresser from other parts of the house.  

Here is the other side of his room (note the new shorter red curtains):

We already had the full size mattress in our guest room so we just ended up purchasing the full size bed frame.  We were stoked when we found one with drawers underneath for added storage.  We keep his travel bedding and clothes that are either too big or he has grown out of underneath.  I love that it's out of the way but totally accessible!

I might not have won the orange and blue debate, but I did find a way to get a Gator in there.  The stool you see above was mine as a little girl and helps E get into his bed.

We left the white circles and flying airplane (Mike's when he was a kiddo) where they were and added the USA cutout that we found at Hobby Lobby.

We purchased two sets of sheets, both from Target and found the fox pillow cover at Hobby Lobby (I just used a pillow I already had at home to stuff it) and the vintage firetruck pillow at Home Goods.

As for the bedside table area, we relocated his wall lamp along with his glow in the dark stars.  I also moved his wall frames and metal E around a bit, but they were all in his room previously.

The table is just the right height and is the perfect place to display TV remotes, favorite books, family pics and his alarm clock.

Inside, the top drawer stores his 5 million blankets that he sleeps with every night and the bottom drawer stores some of his favorite (at the moment) books.

The wall next to the bed is one of my favorite areas.  The numbers represent his birthday (2/4/13) and luckily didn't have to be moved.  The other items were just re-purposed from other areas of his nursery.

Clockwise from left:
-Abacus that Mike made for him before he was born
-Real slingshots from Everett's great great grandpa and great grandpa that my Nana gave him.
-A poster from our Spring Break trip to Wisconsin.  We bought this when we visited Circus World as a memento.
-You Are My Sunshine painting made for E by my fourth grade teacher.
-Badger cross-stitch I made for him a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant.

And of course, the famous tree bookshelf made by Mike.  That is still my favorite part of the room and isn't going anywhere!

Floor pillows for a comfy reading nook.  

We also just moved the Ikea rug we bought him to go with his train set to sit in front of the dresser instead of at the end of his bed.  I love the fun vibe it has every time I walk in!

Whew.  And that's it.  Hopefully this space will be perfect for him many, many years down the road!

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